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This battle follows the Korsun Pocket campaign series, except this is the first battle for the relieving forces.  The relieving forces is an element from Schwere Panzer Regiment Bake.  The Soviets in this case are a Motorstrelkovy that has settled down for the night in the small village of Tinovka. 


The battlefield consists of forest, fields, small village, and some hills.  Some of the defining features are that the whole area is considered mud.  The dirt road is cross country.  This significantly slowed down the attacking force as there were numerous bog checks.  Another defining feature was that the battle starts during the early morning hours and follows the night fighting rules.  This helps conceal the attacker, but the combination of mud and night rules really slows down the vehicles.  The objectives were a point in the village and one past the village near the road leading off board.


The Allies are a Motorstrelkovy (motorized unit) at 1750 points

  1. HQ
  2. Motorstrelkovy Company (2 platoons) with one HMG
  3. Motorstrelkovy Company (2 platoons)
  4. 4 x 45mm AT guns
  5. 8 x T34/76mm
  6. 4 x IS-2
  7. 3 x SU 76M

Axis Forces are based on a recent PDF from battlefront concerning Schwere-Panzer Regiment Bake which was build around Tiger 1E and Panther tanks with infantry support.

  1. Panther A HQ
  2. 3 x Panther A
  3. 2 x Tiger 1E
  4. Panzerpah patrol with SdKfz 250/1 and SdKfz 250/9 2cm
  5. Motorized scout platoon with schwimmwagen
  6. Gebirgjager infantry platoon
  7. 15cm Nebelwerfer Rocket Battery


The advance started out slowly with 3 vehicles bogging down the first turn.  The force as a whole started to pivot to the german left side.  The Soviets were able to score first blood by killing one team from the Motorized scout platoon.  Lucky shot for the HMG team.   The Germans continued on and on the 4th turn made a series of assaults into the Soviet infantry lines.  The infantry assault into the village did well at first, but was repulsed in a counter attack.  However, the Tigers rolled right through the Soviet infantry and even followed up with a breakthrough assault. There wasnt anything the Soviets could really do to slow the beasts down.

tigers rolling

It wasnt until the 5th turn that the sun finally luminated the battlefield and the Germans could count on more firepower.  The Tigers continued to press the attack and destroyed a couple more infantry teams near the furtherest objective.  The Soviets were just throwing in teams with the hope that they could stall long enough for reinforcements to arrive.  The only reinforcements the soviets were able to get the entire battle was the platoon of SU76Ms.  The German Gebirgjager platoon was able to dislodge three infantry teams by assault.  This ended up causing a morale check failure by one of the Motorstrelkovy platoons cause a general rout!


With no IS2s or T34s on the 5th turn there was little hope for the Soviets.  The only blessing was a successful ambush by the 45mm AT guns on the thin side armor of the Panthers.  One Panther was eliminated and another bailed for a morale check on the German side which they just pulled off.  The sixth turn saw a battery of rockets destroying 3 out of 4 of the 45mm AT guns.  The germans also pressed the attack on the furthest objective and were able to clear it on the sixth turn.  This ended up in a Stunning German Victory!


Although the match was a stunning German victory, there was a chance that the Soviets could have pulled off a victory given better reserve dice.  Even with 5 dice being thrown on the fifth turn, the soviets only managed to get the SU76s.  I usually roll random as to which platoon comes on board. If the IS2s happened to come on earlier the match would have been much more difficult.  The Soviet infantry in this match was ideally suited to slowing down the Germans, but could offer little resistance without the help of armor. 



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