Flames of War Miniatures Storage   1 comment

Storage is always an issue since we want to keep our toys away from any and all danger!

I have a couple methods of storage….

Primary storage for infantry

Carboard Box

  • Carboard mail box from Staples
  • sheet metal from Lowes or Home Depot, Cut to size, and placed in bottom of box
  • magnetic tape for photographs from Walmart placed on the bottom of each team. 


I can get a full US, German, and UK company with some extra room into these boxes.  I use the same boxes for my artillery and based vehicles. 

Storage Methods for Vehicles

1.  I use the same box from walmart but insert foam with cutouts for vehicles.  Foam can be bought at Walmart or any arts and crafts store.  This particular foam below is meant for couch cushions


2.  Sabol Army trays.  The trays come in many different depths and have precut sections that can be pulled out.   A link to their website http://www.saboldesigns.net/home.html


3.  Last method I use is a plastic box with compartments.  These can be parts boxes from the tool section or from the arts and crafts section at walmart.  I use the foam pulled from the sabol trays to cushion the tanks and vehicles in the box.


Please post your comments or suggestions for protecting your miniatures.


One response to “Flames of War Miniatures Storage

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  1. nice work on the foam i do a same thing for my warhammer army – but at present cant find the correct foam – its a little o hard and slighley damaes the delicate parts of the models .

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