Painting Machine March 2010   Leave a comment

New items from the painting machine March 2010. 

UK Guards Armoured Company.  Slowly adding some weathering since I first played them against the FJ.  Still need to add in some more tactical ID decals for the Irish Guards.  Will try to print them myself.  All models are from Battlefront

  • HQ 2 Sherman Vs
  • 3x platoons (2 sherman & 2 sherman firefly)

Battlefront US Airmobile company.  Finally finished all three platoons and support.  Didnt paint the Cav division patch as I want them to be generic.  I do plan on using them more in a ACAV role

Peter Pig M113 ACAV.  Great model.  Only issue is the mold line on the side.  I have ordered M113 ACAVs from flashpoint miniatures, Quality Castings, and Old Glory.  Will make a post comparing the models when complete.  I know I want to get some M48s and M551 Sheridans for my ACAV, but not sure which models are the best.  Any thoughts would be welcome.  I have a M557 command APC on order and a M125 mortar version of the M113 too.

Green Berets!  I tried to make some tiger stripe camo.  Looks ok in photo, but much better in person.  Will try to get a better pic.  They are a mix of Peter Pig LRRP (guys with boonie hats) and Flashpoint-miniatures (w/ berets).  They work well together regarding size.  The faces on the flashpoint miniatures are a bit large.  However, a couple of the Peter Pig guys have heads that are too small.  

Battlefront UH-1 troop transport, gunship, and crashed objective marker.  I made the crashed Huey a medevac to give a good reason to resuce the crew.  Overall I really like the models.  At some point I might put more thought into analysing the models, but I have a flight tomorrow morning to Pensacola!

Lastly, my current project… modern USMC rifle company in desert MARPAT.  This is only a preview of what is to come.  This figures come from Peter Pig.  Not 100% satisfied with how the MARPAT came out.  Will try other colors and painting techniques.  Maybe lines instead of splotches? 

Hopefully I should finish the USMC rifle company in the next month.  Will then begin work on a Taliban/Arab adversary.  I have Taliban figures from Flashpoint miniatures and Arab/PLO from Peter Pig.  Also working on some dismounted ACW US cavalry.  My biggest issue is finding a ruleset to base them to.  I understand Field of Glory might be working on something, but there is also Fire and Fury which I have read has good comments. 

Future work will consist of Check Your Six WW2 aircraft, NVA army from battlefront, and whatever catches my attention.   Please leave any thoughts on the current figures, any recommendations for painting, and any recommendations for additional figures to cover the Vietnam and Modern periods.


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