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My son recently convinced me to get into Warhammer 40k as he wanted to expand his Tyranids horde army.  I took the easy path and put together a Space Marine Army out of some we had lying around.  I found I actually enjoyed the modelling and painting, so I expanded both armies.   My space marine army is a do it yourself chapter called Storm Hunters.  I will eventually put together some fluff to make a background story. 

Another driver is we don’t have a FOW community any where near where I live.  I have found the rules for 40k a bit more complicated than the need to be, but workable.  Would like to see the cover save modified to be life FOW where the save is factored into the chance to hit instead of a save.  Here of some initial observations and changes I would like to see:

  1. Cover saves reworked into chance to hit
  2. assaults a bit less complicated. 
  3. Vehicle movement a bit more realistic
  4. scatter dice a bit less variable.  2d6 for future weapons seems a bit too much
  5. I am not sure I like the rapid fire rules with the inability to assault once fired.

My first few attempts at the game were a couple 500 point-ish games with our Tyranids and Space Marines against a chaos space marine force.  Both those games ended mostly against my favor.  Defeating a Demon prince seemed a bit overwhelming and the lack of knowledge of the strengths of the armies I was playing hindered me greatly

My son and I dropped all of our models on the table and went out.  His tyranids totaled about 3700 point and my Marines were around 4500.    We used no terrain to the disadvantage of the space marines.  The tyranid forces pretty much decimated my foot slogging marines.  My vehicles managed to stay alive most of the game.  I only lost a few to assault.  Picture is below.  My son managed to kill off 14 units while I only managed to kill 12 units.  It was a true serious game.

My first serious game was a combine CSM and SM army against an Ork army at 3000 points each side.  Eric was running the CSM with an assault orientated list at 1500 while I took a SM list set up mainly to inflict casualties from afar.  Jim had a massive Ork army with almost every type of unit in the Codex.  My forces initially took the brunt of Jim’s offensive as both of his 30 strong boys were directed at me.  Eric sat tight in his Rhinos waiting for the time to strike. 

Our ranged fire power was able to knock out much of the Ork transportation.  I had a speeder come in deep strike in the Ork rear.  The speeder missed all of its shots, but was able to distract the Ork Meganobz which helped my footsloggers in the overall strategy.  The Meganobz were never able to get back into the fight after knocking out my speeder. 

The Ork boys were able to clear two of my SM combat squads.  The middle most Ork boy unit we finally whittled down and I made a hasty assault with my assault marines and was able to finish off the unit.  The rest of my forces made withdraws in order to keep the orks out of close combat range.  The right most Ork unit was distracted on some vehicles and pulled off from a coordinated center fight.  During this time the Chaos space marines launched a series of counter assaults and destroyed a number of Ork units. 

When the battle came to end the combined CSM and SM forces had significantly more kill points than the Orks.  The Orks had been distracted and the forces did not coordinate their attacks.

Jim and I had another major battle with SM against Orks at 2500 points.  My army consisted of a mechanized space marine force: Pedro, 2 x SM tactical squads, two speeders, two predators, sniper scouts, whirlwind, rifle dread, Terminators with TH/SS, land raider crusader, assault marines, and Sternguard. 

My strategy was to bottle up all the foot units expect the Sternguard.  I would use my ranged fire to whittle down the orks and then make a counter attack with the assault marines and terminators.  I deployed the sniper scouts as a distraction and the Orks took the bait.  They aimed three units at the scouts while I concentrated the fire power of my main force against units on the other side of map.  Strategy worked well as the Orks managed only to kill a few of the scouts and were unsuccessful in getting me into ranged to assault. 

On the other side of the table the orks deep striked their stormboyz in and took out my lascannon predator.  This was a bit of a surprise, but I was able to counter with my assault marines to annihilate the unit.  My ranged firepower took out both the battlewagon and truck on the ork side.  The space marines also forced some moral checks on two of the ork units which they failed.  The big close combat fight started with the space marines initiating the fight.  I sent in my assault marines and terminators and cleared the boy unit. 

The battle came to an end with the space marines destroying most of the Ork units and several ork units failing moral checks and running off the map.  I  was a good battle and my first time using bottled up marines and terminators.     

Beyond the observations above and some other ones that I can’t recall at the moment, I am starting to enjoy playing the game.  Eric and I have had numerous discussions on the weaknesses in the game system.  I will keep putting some time into it to learn the rules and stratgies.  I plan on expanding my force to include space wolves and imperial guard.  I already have most of the space wolves unpainted.  My son even has some Eldar forces to play with.  My daughter has took to the Orks and we created a 2500 point army called the Rock Stars with the color purple as their theme color. 

Once I get a hang of my wife’s new camera, I am going to post some pics of the armies we have painted up.



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  1. good job on the battle reports. Big help with fixing my Orks for the next battle.


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