Ancient Stegadon takes first   1 comment

My son, Andrew, recently got into building a Lizardmen army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  He is assembling quite a large host of over 2500 points.  The local Games Workshop store hosted a painting contest on August 28th.  The theme was a monster.  

Andrew decided he was going to enter an Ancient Stegadon with a Skink Priest and Engine of the Gods.  He started painting it roughly two weeks before the contest.  The base color, Catachan Green, was airbrushed on, but the rest of the model was hand painted using a myriad of Citadel Paints. 

He managed to get most of the painting, dry brushing, and washes on well before the due date.  However, he got complacent as any 8 year old would and had to scramble the night before to finish the base and the Skinks.  For the base we ended up getting Silflor Prarie Tuffs and Buffalo grass to add additional depth to the base and supplement the GW grass.  Below are a few shots of his Stegadon that one first place and some additional models he is working on.  Enjoy!

Ancient Stegadon with Skink Priest and Engine of the Gods

Slann Mage or is that a green Jabba the Hutt?

This is a Kroxigor.  The base needs to be finished, but son insisted that is be shown


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  1. That’s awesome work. It took me years to produce anything that nice.

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