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We put together a quick Flames of War Game on Tuesday night.  We wanted an Ardennes offensive battle using 2nd SS panzers and panzergrenadiers against a solid force of the 101st Airborne.  Mike wanted to stick to the SS force, so he could get more use to playing FOW with a similar army.  The mission for the battle was Cauldron and the point limit was 1750.

German Forces from Cobra

  • Panzer HQ (2x Panzer IVH)
  • Panzer platoon (4x Panzer IVH)
  • Panzer platoon (4x Panzer IVH)
  • Panzer Grenadiers (3 squads)
  • Panzer Grenadiers (3 squads)
  • SS Motorized Battery (4x 10.5cm howitzers(

US Forces (D-Day -1)

  • Parachute Rifle HQ
  • Parachute Rifle Platoon (3x squads)
  • Parachute Rifle Platoon (3x squads)
  • Parachute Rifle Platoon (2x squads)
  • Parachute mortar platoon (4x 81mm mortars)
  • Chemical Mortar platoon (4x 4.2″ mortars)
  • Field Artillery Battery (4x 105mm guns)
  • Tank Destoryer Platoon (2x M10 TDs + 1 M20)

American forces were defending in the center of the map.  Reserves were one rifle platoon, chemical mortars, and the FA battery.  The Tank Destroyers were held in immediate reserve.  Germans deployed randomly in two corners of the table.  Mike held his two panzer platoons in reserve.  The reserve rule was delayed reserve which means no reserves until third turn

Defenders went first and the M10s were able to cause the first casualty by knocking out one Pzgrn team.  The mortars smoked the german artillery HQ.  They were still able to use the gun teams to spot and range in.

Second turn was a standoff.  Mike was waiting for his panzers to arrive and hoping his artillery would weaken the airborne forces.  The american forces were able to pin the german artillery with some mortars and unfortunately for the SS they refused to unpin for quite a few turns.  Otherwise, the infantry remained quiet for the most part.

Knowing the German reserves would be onboard soon, second platoon launched a daring attack on the 4th turn against a German SS pz grenadier platoon.  A combination of artillery, tank destroyers, and the infantry were able to dislodge the germans by the 5th turn.

The americans were able to get the FA battery on the table by turn 4.  On turn 5 both german panzer platoons and the remaining US reserves arrived on turn 6.  The battle was on now. 

The German artillery rallied and caused bombarded the US howitzers and chem mortars pinning both units for pretty much the remainder of the game.

Give the US dominance of the US right flank, the german forces redirected all their efforts against the US right flank.  The original german goal was to hammer hard onto the US first platoon.  As in all plans in war things change and the german panzer commander decided to make an end run around the US side to the rear.  The brave paratroopers dashed from their foxholes and assaulted the panzer IVs knocking out three.  The remaining tanks were covered by  smoke conveniently provided by the 81mm mortars. 

The Germans didn’t take kindly to the destruction of almost a whole panzer platoon and hit the exposed paratroopers hard causing significant casualties, but the paratrooper still barely held on.  On the next American turn the US moved to assault the remaining panzers.  A bazooka managed to destroy one more tank, but the paratroopers failed their tank terror test and sat there exposed.  Fortunately the German platoon commander decided to call it quits and retreat.  Two of his tanks were bailed and one destroyed.  This forced him to take a platoon morale check.

During this time the US third platoon was advancing on the remaining german infantry and the second platoon was wheeling around their rear after knocking out the observer that caused so much chaos on the US artillery park.   The final US assaults were decisive enough to end the game with the germans losing 4 platoons and any hope of reversing the war! 


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