Road to Warsaw Part 2   Leave a comment

Continuing on the theme of the Soviet offensive during the Summer of 44 we played a game simulating a Russian push from a beach head into german defensive positions near Pulawy, Poland. 

The battle was going to be one of the largest battles we have had this year with roughly 3k points on each side divided into two forces.  Each side would have an infantry and an armoured element.

Russian Forces:

Soviet Sapper Battalion (River of Heroes)

  • Batalon HQ
  • Sapper Company with 3 squads
  • Sapper Company with 2 squads
  • Spetsnaz Platoon
  • Artillery Battalion (122mm)
  • Reserve Heavy Artillery Battalion (152mm)

Guards Heavy Tank Battalion

  • Battalion Command (1x IS2 heavy tank)
  • Combat Company (3 x IS2 heavy tanks)
  • Combat Company (3 x IS2 heavy tanks)
  • Guards Rocket Mortar Battalion (6x guns)

German Forces:

Grenadier Kompanie

  • Grenadier HQ
  • 3 x Grenadier Platoon
  • HMG Platoon
  • Mortar Platoon
  • 7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon
  • AT gun platoon (7.5cm PaK40)
  • Artillery Battery (10.5cm gun)

505th Schwere Panzerabteilung

  • Company HQ
  • Schwere Panzer Platoon (3x Tiger IE)
  • Schwere Panzer Platoon (2x Tiger IE)
  • Panzergrenadier platoon

Russian strategy was to concentrate on the German left flank.  The Spetsnaz were to infiltrate one sapper company first.  At the time I did not understand the rules and only moved the units 6 inches.  I late found out that I could move up to 16″.  Wont forget that next time!

German Strategy was to just hold on until the Tigers arrive.

Preliminary bombardment took out most of the german mortars and one Pak 40.

First kill was given to the German artillery

Soviet Artillery park.  We used across the Volga rules.  Table is roughly 9′ x 6′

Soviet forces penetrate the weak german initial fortifications.  After battle we discussed how the defenses could have been placed better.

Russians become stalled due to the main force being pinned down.  The Kommisar couldnt even inspire the Sapper Company into action.

The last remaining Pak 40 makes a rally to hit the IS 2s on the flank.  There is a german observer in the background going on a special mission to kill the soviet observers.  The german observer team was cut down in the final few yards. 

The Tigers strike hard against the Soviet penetration.  The second Soviet Sapper Company makes a hasty retreat after significant losses.

Even more Tigers secure the quiet sector of the board and attempt to make a flank attack

We had a number of bloody assualts that resulted into the annihilation of the remaining German infantry.  The Tigers assualted the remaining Soviet Sapper Company and forced a withdraw.  Only the Spetsnaz remained hidden near the objective. 

The doomed Soviet tanks circled their tanks and prepared for the annihilation from the Tigers.  However, luck was to be on the People’s side this time after a series of very lucky shots for the Soviets and misses by the Tigers resulted in a Soviet Victory albeit very minor. 

Game was a nail biter down the end with the heavy tanks deciding the match.  I think moving the 16″ infiltration move before turn one could have resulted in the Soviet infantry making a better stand and deciding the game much earlier.  I would say the Soviet Sapper Company did very well.  It was able to get to the German lines with a handicap and take out 3 german grenadier platoons and one panzergrenadier platoon.


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