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I have always admired the air brushed tanks I have seen on various galleries.  I finally took the plunge this summer and bought a Harbor Frieght cheapo special consisting of an airbrush plus a compressor. 

I used to more to paint large camo patterns on my Space Marine tanks and as a means to basecoat.  Using an airbrush for basecoat leaves an amazing smooth finish.  Except on the smallest things, I always airbrush basecoats since I have seen this.

As I reached a good level of comfort using the airbrush for base coating and some large camo patterns, I thought it might be good to try something more precise.  My wife bought me an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS.  The feel and action on this airbrush was significantly better that the harbor frieght special.  It was amazing.  My first objective once I had the time to use the brush was to strip and repaint my FOW panther company.  I also threw in the stipping solution some vehicles and an old 88mm gun crew.

However, the first victims for the new airbrush were some Command Decision Sdkfz 251s for my Aufklarungsschwadron or SS-Kampfgruppe Graebner.  I also had two reinforced trucks, 2 x Rad 8, and three of my old Pumas.  You can see them here. 

The decals on the Pumas are a mix of BF and from the warweb.  I dont really like the crosses on the Pumas.  I recently made a purchase of decals from Dom’s Decals and they are great quality.

Here is my my current armoured car and recon halftracks.  Some are still hand painted.  Not sure when I will get to them.  At some point I would like all my german vehicles airbrushed.

Now to my panthers… here is a picture showing the panthers as I have learnt to paint FOW miniatures beginning in 2007.  I have painted them three times now and stripped them twice.  I think I am finally satisfied with my panthers.

So far I am very impressed with the Iwata Eclipse airbrush.  I have many hours more to go before I would consider myself even remotely proficient in the tool.  Camo and basecoating are relatively easy, but really make a model stand out.  Now I just need courage to strip and repaint my panzer IVs.  Not fun with all those schurzen!

Material list:
Sdkfz 251 & Rad 8s
Primer: GW chaos black spray
Basecoat: BF German Armor Mid/Late
Camo scheme: Vallejo Reflective Green and Vallejoe Flat Earth
Also used GW washes Devlan Mud and the Black

Reinforced Trucks
Painted using Vallejo Lufftwaffe Camo Green

Humber IV
Painted using Vallejo Russian Uniform

Pumas and Panthers
Primer: GW chaos black spray
Basecoat: BF German Armor Mid/Late
Camo scheme: Vallejo Airbrush Colors Camo Green and Tank Brown
Also used GW washes Devlan Mud and the Black
Tracks are a mix of 4 parts Vallejo Cavalry Brown, 2 parts Vallejo Flat Earth, and one part Vallejo Gun Metal Grey


Posted October 9, 2010 by shermon15 in Flames of War, Painting and modeling

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