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After viewing the Tom Wise’s remarkable US 2nd Armored Division miniatures army hosted on the Flames of War website I decided to revist my US tanks. I have no where near the numbers that he has, but I have a respectable US armored force.

First thing I upon opening the sealed containers keeping my tanks safe was just how unsatisfactory the paint job was on a number of vehicles! So, picked out the sorry looking bunch of Shermans, Priests, Halftracks, and Stuarts and soaked them in titalating bath of LA’s Awesome to strip the paint.

Above were some of the original Sherman tanks I painted. The green was some type of Tamiya paint. The “camo netting” was from a soap wrapper. It was originally purple, so I had to die it. I later found a better way to make camo netting using bandages. I picked any vehicle that was in this scheme which were quite a few. I still have my 105mm battery in that color and they will get “cleaned” at some point in the future.

Total count that hit the stip bucket…
5 x sherman M4A1 (75mm)
1x Sherman Dozer
3x M3 Priest
5 x Stuart M5A1
1 x M16 SPAA
3 x M2 Halfracks
6 x M3 Halftracks

I put on hold the painting of long awaited WW2 US Marine Rifle Company just to bring these vehicles up to what I feel is a better standard. After being stripped, I primed with GW Chaos Black and then put a base coat on them using Battle Front’s US Armor Spray paint. The US Armor Spray paint is a shade more brown than the Vallejo Violet Brown called for in the Battle Front books. Its a noticeable difference, but I can live with it.

Here are the same tanks from the previous photo showing some of my first tanks. This time I put more time and my 4 years of experience painting miniatures to work. I still need to weather the tanks more, but that is on the backburner until I learn how to use pigments. I did some minor weathering by drybrushing the tracks and the surfaces.

I decided to capture by photo my entire Sherman tank inventory and below is a quick summary
15 x Sherman M4A1 (75mm)
8 x Sherman M4A1 (76mm)
3 x Sherman M4 (105mm)
1 x Sherman M4 Dozer
1 x Sherman M4 OP tanks
1 x Sherman Calliope (rocker Launcher)
6 x Sherman Fireflys (UK Guards Armoured)
3 x Sherman III (UK)
8 x Sherman V (UK Guards Armoured)

I also have 5 Sherman M4A1 (76mm) in the box, but I have no idea what to do with them since all current US lists are rather limited to the number of 76mms they can have. I also have on the way 6 x Sherman M4A2s to use as my USMC PTO tanks. Typically I prefer Battlefront vehicles, but these will be from Old Glory Command Decision. Living in California has eaten into my mini budget since I have to pay 30-50% more for everything here.

Here are some pictures of my Sherman inventory

Here are some photos showing other US forces I recently completed including a tank destroyer platoon with 3″ guns, two 90mm AA guns, and a fire direction control center


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