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Its been a few months since I have last posted. I havent completely forgotten my miniatures. Slowly, a USMC rifle company has been painted over the last couple months. The company consists of 3 platoons, 1 weapons platoon, 1 x 81mm mortar platoon, and 1 x M1917 HMG platoon. There are some options including flamethrowers, snipers, and bazookas.

I used the Flames of War PTO site and the valuable information there to generate the order of battle for this unit.

The rifle company is loosely based on the F series Late War rifle company where a bar is integrated into fire teams. The company can be used for earlier formations as the general formation is the same with 3 platoons per company.

Resistant Roosters has an article on USMC company organizations.

Minatures used in this company include:
Resistant Roosters (1st and 2nd Platoon)
Peter Pig (3rd platoon, HQ, mortar, HMG, and weapons)
Command Decision (3rd platoon and a couple in the HMG and weapons platoons)
Battlefront (M1919 gunners and couple other figures)

My personal opinion is that the Resistant Roosters figures captured the feel of the USMC based on photos I have seen. However, the figures can be a bit lanky and the heads and arms can be a bit too large. They also dont work well with other 15mm manufacturers.

Peter Pig, Command Decision, and Battlefront work well together. Command Decision are on the small side. The battlefront figures are from the latest US Army rifle company box. When painted they fit in well with the peter pig figures.

I have 4 LVT-2s in the process of being painted and 5 Sherman M4A2. They will painted in one of the frequently seen camoflauge schemes seen in the PTO. These vehicles are from the Command Decision line. I have decided on what other support equipment to add. I could just use the many support options I have with my FOW US Army ETO collection.

Now I just need to assemble and paint my IJA forces.


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