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Unfortunately, I have been neglecting this site the last couple months, but I have a few updates today. 

I orginally started collecting modern miniatures to use in a modified Flames of War ruleset, but with the update and release of the Ambush Alley ruleset in the form of Force on Force I thought I would re-base my USMC miniatures for the FoF ruleset. The USMC figures are all Peter Pig including the HUMVEE. I am not impressed with my weathering of the HUMVEE so I wont show any closeups. I think it is too dark of a mud.

The USMC miniatures were painted using Vallejo paints.
Uniform – IraqI Sand
Camo colors – Flat Earth and Chocolate Brown. I tried adding in stone grey to add to the texture, but at the 15mm scale I didnt really see it. I used dry brushing to give the camo a more random appearance.
Gear – Khaki Grey although I played around with Green Ochre and Green Brown
Boots – Cork Brown

Miniatures are based on a US Penny for the most part.  The weapons teams I used washers.

The Taleban Insurgent force is comprised of Flashpoint Miniatures and Old Glory Post war insurgents. The Flashpoint miniatures are very nice over all. The blister comes with mostly insurgents armed with AK47s and two RPGs.

I bought the Old Glory miniatures to fill in weapons teams such as mortars, PKMs, and additional RPGs. There were also a few figures that seemed to look nice, but in general the Old Glory figures are at an average quality. There are some figures with bolt action rifles that I added to that team.

 I plan on purchasing some QRF modern figures in the future. They have a number of figure with RPKs, RPGs, and B15/AK47s. Not to mention all the other modern forces available!

Now I just need to figure out how to play the game!


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