Modern era Helicopters for FOW Vietnam and FoF   Leave a comment

My kids picked up a box with the new Battlefront Cobra helicopter.  The model was very easy to put together and I ended up modeling the airframe after the AH1G.  I used used the US armor spray from battlefront to put down the base coat.  Otherwise I followed the You Tube painting guide.  Overall the I am satisfied with the model as it looks nice and was easy to accomplish a good look.   I did paint a gloss on the canopy after I took these photos. 


I wanted to customize the AH1G a little different from the BF options, so I hand painted some customized painting that I found on a real AH1G from Vietnam.  Its not exact, but I used it as an inspiration.

I was over at Toys R Us a couple weeks ago to see if there were any new Halo lego for my son.  He has a big collection of them.  There was nothing new, but I did find a couple cheap die cast Apache Helicopters.    They were in a cheap looking color scheme, so I primed and repainted them.  Not bad for $3.00 each. 


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