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I hadnt played a FOW game in a few months due to work, family, and getting wrapped up in World of Warcraft again.  I had to put one together after I compelted the US SMG platoon.  The obvious location for a battle was then Brest, France during August and September  1944.    German defense centered around the 2nd Fallschirmjäger division with support from the 266th and 343rd Infantrie divisions.  The Allied forces consisted of 2nd, 8th, and 29th Infantry Divisions.  The 2nd and 5th US Ranger battalions, two battalions of tank destroyers, and elements of the British 141st Battalion, Royal Tank Corps supported the seige.

For this battle I had a company form the US 2nd Infantry Division against the units of the 2nd FJ supported by elements of the 343rd infantrie division using the Hold the Line mission from the FOW main rule book.


Order of Battle:

US 2nd Infantry Division (1755 points)

Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoon
Weapons Platoon
Mortar Platoon
Field Artillery
Field Artillery (155mm)
Tank Platoon
P47 Priority
TD platoon

2nd  Fallschirmjäger division (1740 points)

FJ Squad
FJ Squad
FJ Mortar
BOD artillery battery
Bod Grenadier
Assualt Gun Platoon

German deployment

US forces beginning the advance

One of the capabilities of the Aerial Observation Platform (AOP) in Flames of War is act as a screen to prevent ambushes.  The AOP was placed ahead of the Sherman tanks to prevent the FJ from springing their PaK 40s from ambush.   The US also rolled in a flight of P47s the first turn to no effect.  Hard to range in on german infantry that is concealed and gone to ground.


The FJ placed the PaK 40s just outside the range of the AOP.  The shermans will have to find another way around.

The US re-evaluate and pivot the advance to their right to avoid the PaKs and dug in FJ. 

Sherman tanks and the towed tank destroyers lead the advance.

German Artillery reinforcements

US combined arms strike at artillery!  Artillery and airpower were able to knock out two guns for the first blood of the game.

StuGs stike back.  Over a series of turns the German StuG Gs were able to come on board and take out 3 Shermans for the loss of only one to Artillery.  The german stormtrooper move allowed them to fire and return to cover each turn.  They just kept passing all the top armor saves on 5 and 6 rolls.

The Sherman tanks run for cover and concentrate on the 3.7cm FlaK guns in the field.  Leaving the 3 inch AT guns dug in on the road to prevent the StuGs from racing up the road.

The US infantry finally makes their way across the board to jump into the fight.  The platoon on the US left took heavy casualties to the dug in PaKs and FJ in the buildings. 

US infantry pushes up the right flank after having cleared the flank of the AA guns.

These brave souls were able to clear the houses of the 343rd Grenadier (CT) units hiding in them and then make a breakthrough assault and kill a Stug with a regular infantry assault roll.  Bazooka missed.

The US SMG platoon was able to take the center of this suburb using its flamethrower to pin down the FJ platoon.  The successful americans continue to push the assault and continue from the previous turn.

Both the Germans and the US forces have been able to pass their platoon morale checks up to this point.  The FJ were able to pass their company morale check.  However, US forces were able to clear an objective, keep the remaining FJ pinned down, and win the day.

US losses were half of two infantry platoons and 3 sherman tanks.  No platoons destroyed.  Germans only the grenadier platoon to be destroyed on the field.  They successfully removed sole survivors from the mortars, artillery, and FlaK guns. 


My kids helped me with the battle and introduced their own unique unit… the Leopard Gecko. 


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