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Over the last couple months I have slowly been painting my Japanese Rifle Company.  I have about 1/3 complete.  As most gamers know we get sidetracked quite often.  I ended up painting a Panzer IV/70 platoon for FOW, repainting my King Tigers (WIP), a US SMG Platoon, a US Assault Platoon, and a Ranger Company (WIP).

The US SMG Platoon is from the free 2nd Infantry Division PDF from the Flames of War website.  The platoon represents one of the experimental formation the US was trying in the ETO.  Basically they gave companies and platoons the option to customize their weapon loadout.  In this case the majority of the platoon was armed with the Thompson SMG.  The platoon even has the option to add a flamethrower.

In Flames of War the SMG allows players to retain full rate of fire while moving.  The disadvantage the SMG platoon is that the range is limited to 4 inches which reflects the effectiveness of the weapon in the FOW ruleset.  The miniatures are based on the older sculpts by BF.  These are the American sculpts I prefer. 

I have only had a chance to run the SMG platoon once in an urban setting.  I would say the capability is inconclusive because the opponents forces were in buildings and thus bullet proof cover.  The advantage to using this unit in assaults is the sheer firepower that a full platoon can dish out at ROF 3 per stand or 30 dice!

The second platoon I completed was the Assault platoon from the Dog’s and Devils Campaign book.  The unit represents a specialized formation for breaking out of the Anzio beachhead and reducing German strongpoints.  The platoon is considered pioneer rifles and have the option for adding a flamethrower. 

The miniatures themselves are ok.  I think the american miniatures that Seth at BF sculpted are a bit lanky and in some cases miss some facial detail.  I mixed in some of the older sculpts to add some variety to the platoon.  This platoon has not seen battle as of  yet.  Will need to put together some Italian battles in the near future.

Colors for both platoons: Vallejo paints

  1. Uniform:  US Dark Green to represent HBTs or the M1943 uniform.  I did sprinkle in some of the Khaki and US Olive Drab to represent older vets wearing prewar duds. 
  2. Helmet:  Brown Violet
  3. Rifle:  Beige Brown and black
  4. Gaiters:  Khaki
  5. Webbing:  Green Grey or Khaki
  6. Boots:  Flat Earth
  7. Wash:  GW Gryphonne Sepia

I have changed my basing away from Crayola air dry clay to Dry Dex spackling.  The air dry clay cracked alot where as the spackling seldom does crack.  The advanage of the clay was it is easier to sculpt pieces such as sandbags into the base.  I will continue to use it.  The scenery is mostly woodlands scenics except for the tufts which are from Silflor.


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