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Coordinating multiple platoons especially with a horde of Soviets on the table top can be challenging.  To designate units and specific functions I used a methodology recommeneded by Brian Cantwell when we had a group going in Tennessee.  The symbology is pretty easy to follow and makes recognition on the table very fast.


This is the general format for different types of units I have.  I have many variations in colors to represent different units.  For example my US rangers will be on orange background with blue dots.

Left is a US 3 inch AT gun while right is a US 155mm gun crew (note two stars as this is my second artillery battery.  The 105mm guns are the first artillery battery)

Left is the command team for my US SMG platoon and right is the flamethrower team for the US SMG platoon.  I added a blue box on the left side of the base to designate the platoon as the SMG platoon.  It allows me to remove the 2nd rifle platoon and replace it with this unit which represents a 2nd SMG platoon

Left is SS 3.7cm gun team (AA), center is SS 8cm mortar team, and right is SS recon

Left is FJ CO, center FJ XO, and right is FJ panzerschreck.  Not all my infantry units have a light blue background.  My panzer lehr is purple, UK white, USMC green, etc.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd FJ platoons.  Easy to see on the battlefield with bright colors.  Opponent doesnt get to see unless they come around the table.

Here on the left is my FJ 8cm mortar team and the right is my Italy FJ HMG platoon.  I am too cheap to buy a NW Europe FJ HMG platoon at this time, so I share it.  Note the HMG platoon symbology is different from the main format I have above.  I really havent settled on a format for HMG.  Any recommendations for symbols would be great. 

Hope this helps with some ideas on how to organize a unit recognition scheme for your miniatures.  I will be using something like this on other rulesets also.  There are other schemes such as printing name tapes to stick on the bottom.  I like the way they look, but I prefer my method for simplicity.

Have a great weekend, Scott


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