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To continue my interest in the campaign to neutralize Festung Brest, I thought it would be great to try out the offical Battlefront scenario Hill 105.  The original scenario uses lists from Festung Europa (FE1).  For this scenario I used the 2nd Infantry Division PDF anda FJ list from Earth and Steel.

Historical basis for the scenario from the BF website.

On September 1 the 23rd Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Infantry Division attacked Hill 105. Capturing this hill was the key to folding the German defences on the outside of the city. Companies A and C of the 5th Rangers Battalion were attached to help them with this task.  The Indianheads and the Rangers assaulted with the help of Ivory X which pelted the defenders from behind with .50 calibre ammunition. The Americans poured around and over the top, capturing the important hill.  The hill wss important because it was one of the highest features in the area and there were a number of heavy AA guns.

US 2nd Infantry Division (1500 points)

HQ     15
Rifle Platoon     155
Rifle Platoon     170
Rifle Platoon     155
Weapons Platoon     120
Mortar Platoon 6x 81mm   120
Chemical Mortar Platoon     120
FA Battery     140
Field Artillery (155mm)     210
AOP     25
P47 Limited     150
Ammunition and Pioneer     125

US Infantry company with engineer unit almost feels like a strelkovy!  There were alot of stands to move with a crazy amount of artillery 🙂

Fallschrimjaeger Kompanie (1000 points) + 3 x HMG bunkers and 5x barbed wire

HQ pzfst x 2, pzschr CV 100
FJ Squad pzfst   275
FJ Squad pzfst   275
FJ Mortar 4x 8cm   125
BOD artillery battery   CT 145
LW AA 3x 3.7mm RT 80

My son decided his Leopard Gecko would be on the US side this time since the FJ lost last time.

US AOP directs the 155mm guns to help dig out the German artillery park.  Score 1 kill for the US.

Meanwhile the US advances under cover of the hedge rows, but become pinned down due to FJ mortars and artillery.  Between the German artillery and HMG bunkers they were able to kill one or two teams per turn. 

US need to remove the German artillery from the game before making the final push.  AOP direct 155mms for yet another kill.

The german guns were reduced significantly in effectiveness.  Two gun batteries have to reroll hits.  A combination of artillery and airstrikes keeps the AA and artillery pinned for most of the game.

US mortars were able to get a smoke screen down twice during the game.  However, they couldnt get a smoke screen when they needed it the most when the infantry made the big push.

The P47s strikes were able to pin down a few units during the course of the game and knocked out 2x 8cm mortars.  With the German AA pinned down their rate of fire was pretty much ineffective.  At least thats what the US thought…  with 12 dice at full ROF the german artillery did no damage to one flight.  However, with only 3 dice the AA units was able to kill one aircraft in two consecutive flights. 

The US spent a few turn hiding behind the hedgerows hoping artillery would soften up the Germans.  US artillery was for the most part ineffective against the FJ infantry.  It managed to kill one FJ team before the assault. 

The US advance across the open ground took alot of hits from 3 x HMG bunkers, one full FJ platoon, and one team from the second platoon.  The fire manage to pindown all the engineers and the first platoon.  The CO motivated the 1st platoon, but continuous fire destroyed the engineers. 

Surprisingly the both the first and second platoons were able to reach the german lines albeit at 50% strength.  The third platoon was held in reserve, but was already down by three teams. 

The US launch an assault into the german lines.  US artillery was able to pin the Germans finally for the assault otherwise it probably would have been defeated.  The US had to drop all artillery (155’s. 105’s, 4.2 in, and 81mm’s) on one point in the line to get a pin.

Germans were driven from the line and took up positions on the opposite side of the hil trying to contest the objective.  Meanwhile the Germans attempted to have the other FJ platoon make a counter attack.

US artillery and aircraft finally had a good target.  Fearless vet infantry dug in an gone to ground is extremely difficult to range in on and hit.  However, hitting them in the open is so much easier at a +4 die roll instead of a 6.  Any attempt to relieve the FJ that were barely hanging on was halted quite fast.

The US were able to clear the German right objective and win the day.

Final toll was costly for the US.

  • 1st platoon 6 rifle teams, one mortar, and one LMG team were lost.  Good thing the CO was with them.
  • 2nd platoon lost 4 SMG teams, one LMG team, and the mortar team
  • 3rd platoon lost 3 rifle teams and they didnt even make an advance
  • Ammunition and Pioneer platoon was decimated. 6 rifle teams, one command, and one mortar team.

German losses were:

  • 2nd FJ platoon 9 rifle/MG teams and one panzerscreck teams
  • XO, 1 mortar observer, and one artillery observer
  • 1st FJ platoon lost 2 rifle/MG teams
  • Artillery lost two guns and the staff team
  • 8cm mortar platoon lost two mortars

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