Fallschirmjäger Heavy Artillery Battery Complete   Leave a comment

Another new toy disrupts my painting schedule. I was suppose to be working on my Japanese Rifle Company and King Tigers, but the shiny new FJ heavy artillery box caught my eye. I just completed the battery a few minutes ago and thought I would show off some shots of the battery from assembly to final.


Took my about 45 minutes to clean up all the pieces and crew.  There was a moderate amount of flash.

I played around with a few methods to assemble, but adding the wheels to the gun craddle worked out best for first pieces to glue.

Make sure to clean out the end of the arms. Top one is cleaned out while bottom is full.  Cannot assemble correctly without doing this.

This is what it looks like assembled to this point.  I found a good trick to determine the spread of the arms is to put it on the base.

Here I added the elevation hand wheel to the craddle.  I tried this as the first step and it doesnt go together well.

Here I added the spades to the arms.  Notice the spade has a pin attached to it.  You will need to drill out the arm to install it or just cut it off and glue on.

Completed assembly of the guns.

For the crew, I glued them to the bases and then used DryDex Spackle.  I use to use Crayola air dry clay and it isnt bad, but it has a tendency to crack over time.   This method seems to work best.  After the spackle has dried for a bit I glue some sand over the spackle using PVA and then prime with GW chaos black spray.  That spray is still the best I have personally found.  I have tried alot and none have the same quality.

Here is the 15cm sFH18 howitzers after using the Battlefront spray for the base coat and then Vallejo air colors (camo green and tank brown)

Here is the crew after airbrushing craft paint for the base and then Vallep Hemp for the base uniform color.  Like I dumb ass I did it in the wrong order and had to touch up a bit later.

To go back a couple steps… I wanted the staff to use one of those scenic bases.  I used the spackle to fill in the spaces.  The minis are not glue in there, so that I can paint them individually.

The staff complete

The command team with officer sporting Italian M29 pattern camo pants.

The spotters

Gun team

My first infantry Ace also sporting Italian M29 pattern camo pants and cap.

I also painted a 2 cm Flak 38 platoon.  The right gun was missing its gun, so I had to improvise with a sherman M4 75mm gun I had laying around.  Just need to buy one more gun to complete the platoon.  For some reason the blister comes with 2, but a full platoon is 3.  However, in the past I would have to order a whole other blister and end up with an extra weapon.  Now we special order the gun, but I will have to dig up some crew.

I hope you enjoy the photos.  As always comments would be great even negative ones which could help me improve!


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