July Flames of War Wrap up   Leave a comment

Well I am back from a work trip to Japan and had a week to paint some miniatures before I head to Scotland for vacation.

A couple months ago I stripped the paint off my two King Tigers and then bought two more to give me one platoon and a company CO. I have been painting them for several months and had to take a break while I ordered decals from Doms Decals. I wanted the red numbers for the Tigers. I had seen some reports that some of the Tiger IIs had blue numbers. That would have been interesting to put on. My free hand isn’t good enough, so I went with the red numbers. I designated 3rd company for the Henchel turret and 2nd company for the Porsche turet design.

Colors used:

  • GW chaos black primer
  • BF late war german tank spray paint(Dunkelgelb)
  • Vallejo Air Green Camo
  • Vallejo Air Tank Brown
  • Vallejo Cavaly Brown and flat earth for the tracks
  • Vallejo German Grey for the dry brush
  • Vallejo Gun metal grey for cables and tools
  • Vallejo Beige Brown for tool handles
  • Vallejo Oxide pigment for exhaust and gun weathering
  • Vallejo Natural Siena and Light Yellow Ocre pigments for mud
  • Mig Dark Wash for washes on tank.
  • GW Gryphonne Sepia for wash on crew.

Crew I used Vallejo black, german grey, flat flesh, white, pink, german camo beige

Testors Gloss coat before wash and testors Dullcoat after wash and weathering

Some notes on painting:

I didnt let the wash dry long enough on the tank before applying the dullcoat.

The tanks seems to shine too much even though I have applied a couple coats of testors dullcoat

I have always had a fascination with the amphibious DUKW truck that the Allies used during WW2.  I was quite pleased when BF released the model for the new D-Day books.  I originally bought one box, but then wanted to have a full section.  I decided not to add the infantry to the back because I might consider using the DUKWs for artillery transport and also for PTO.

Colors used were:

  • GW Chaos black for primer
  • BF American Armor spraypaint
  • Vallejo Brown Violet, Luftwaffe blue, khaki, black, german grey, US Dark Green, flat flesh, and US Field Drab.
  • Used Mig Dark wash for vehicles and GW gryphonne sepia for crew. 
  • Also applied both washes to the floats and Vallejo grey green as a drybrush.

The gloss doesnt look so good under a close up.  Looks like I need to learn how to better apply brushed on glosh.

One of my first plans once I get back from Scotland besides sleep is to try out the Ivory X artillery battery for the US 2nd Infantry Division pdf.    The only models I was lacking was the trailer mounted quad .50 cal AA guns.  I sent them to the head of the painting line when I got them this week and finished them in 2 days work.   Colors are the same as the DUKWs.  Will put together a BATREP when I try out the Ivory X battery.

My daugther managed to get one of their geckos in for the photo shoot.  Its almost becoming a tradition.  They like tha fact that their lizards on famous on the web!


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