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It has taken me a very long time to finally complete this army. I first start collected Japanese miniatures at the 2008 Historicon and picked up the latest piece on Thursday.

The miniatures are a combination of command decision and Peter Pig. The Chi Ha Shinhoto tanks are Quality Casting. The Type 92 70mm and Type 94 37mm guns are by Peter Pig.

The color scheme is set more toward the IJA uniform appearance worn in the South Pacific. 

I utilized the Osprey books:

  • The Japanese Army (1939-1945 (2))
  • Japanese Tanks (1939-1945)

The Yahoo Flames of War Group was also invaluable in putting together the lists, pictures, and painting guides.

The current IJA units that I have include the following:

I plan on purchasing some Type 91 105mm artillery and 81 mm mortars from QRF to fill in some holes.  If any of you have a better suggestion for these miniatures please leave a comment.

I would also like to add Type 95 light tanks and Type 97 Chi Ha tanks to my collection.

Some photos of my work so far:





Japanese Rifle Company Command teams.  Mostly Quality Castings figures below.


Anti Tank Rifle Section.  These are from Peter Pig

Sniper Section (photo could have been from a better a angle)  My photography skills are horrible.  These are from Peter Pig.

1st Rifle Platoon.  Most figures are from Peter Pig with some Quality Castings and a few Battle Honors.

2nd Rifle Platoon (the command decision minatures have very bendy rifles)  I used some to just to add flavor to my army and they had some good models.  However, the majority are Peter Pig.

3rd Rifle Platoon

Type 92 HMG platoon.  These are from command decision.  I didnt like them, but I purchased them and felt obligated to use them.  I had to cut the barrel lenghts down as they were far too long.  Figures are from Quality Castings.

Type 92 Infantry Gun platoon.  Figures and guns are from Peter Pig

Type RA 37mm ATG (Same as German Pak 36 37mm) captured from the Chinese.  Figures and guns are from Peter Pig.

Type 97 Chi Ha Shinhoto Tank Platoon.  Tanks were equipped with a 47mm gun to help fight US armor superiority.  Tanks are from Quality Castings.

Please leave any comments on this army as I am continuing to try and improve my modeling skills.  I will admit I didnt put 100% into this army.   I have so many armies in the works that I wanted it done.


2 responses to “Imperial Japanese Army

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  1. Very nice… but only one issue: the japanese quick firing type 94 37mm gun is not the same as the german PAK 36. The japanese captured the PAK 36 from the chinese, and renamed it as the Type RA 37mm AT gun. I t was used, at least, by the 8th independent AT company at Guadalcanal. The german gun was much better than the type 94, that was in reality an infantry support gun, and its AT perfomance was bad.

    Emilio Moskowich

    Emilio Moskowich
  2. Great observation. My intention was to use the RA design and the PAK 36 weapon stats. The Type 94 37mm was quite a horrible little gun. It looked like it came right out of the Great War. For playability I ended up going with the Type 1 47mm gun as it gives the Japanese a weapon that can be used against the Sherman.

    Japanese AT tactics involved also of immobilizing US tanks via AT guns, mines, or satchel charges. Hard to represent that in FOW given bails are not permanent thought they feel like it at times.

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