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I have had the Dogs and Devils book for quite a long time and finally got around to putting together a battle with my son, Andrew.  He played the US with some of my help and I played the German 719th Grenadiers.  Ended up being a late night battle as we didnt even get the table put together until 11pm.  Good thing he is still on summer vacation!


We use the hold the line rules from the Main Rule Book (MRB).  Andrew wanted to defend, so the Germans had to take the offensive.  The Army lists were set at 1500 points.

US 3rd ID deployment was in the village and were dug in to hold the valley. 

Germans set up for an aggressive push into the US left flank.

Turn one was very uneventful. 

First kill is a StuG III by US 155mm artillery on Turn two.  They managed to bail out another STUG III.

End of Turn two 1 STUG killed

German army continued to push rapidly toward the US lines before reinforcements arrived.  Grenadier second platoon takes cover int he vineyards.

StuGs set up a firing line to weaken the US lines before the Grenadier and SS platoon can launch an assault.

The StuG IIIs managed to kill one US team .

The Wolverines arrived on Turn Two.

I wasnt paying attention to the buildings in the center of town.  Unfortunately that disregard of my duties allowed my son to make a kill with his bazooka.  One Brummbar goes up in flames from a side shot.  US artillery was able to kill another team and bail one Brummbar.  Amazing the german infantry seem to be passing almost of their saves!

Germans grenadiers catch up to the panzers on turn 4.   Goal is to assault on turn 5.  The StuGs were able to kill another US rifle team.  German artillery has been pretty ineffective so far.  The Brummbars scored a hit on the bazooka team that took out the command Brummbar.  Given the bunker buster rule that all teams are hit in the building… all the US teams pass their saves! 

My son decided to try and make an end run around the German tanks with his Woverines.  I explained to him the vulnerability of the Wolverines to AT weapons.

US side was able to call in the 105mm battery on the 3rd turn and they were ready to fire on the 4th.   155mms take out one Brummbar and 105s take out one Stug on the 4th turn.  German armor fails their morale checks miserable with both platoons rolling a one.  The German infanty is on its own now!

Turn 5 the Germans launched a number of assaults onto the US lines.  First was against the building in the center as a diversionary attack to hold them down for later turns.  The grenadier were pinned down by defensive fire and returned to their original positions.  The M10s tried to clean them up.  However, 16 shots of .50cal fire results in only one kill.  Greats saves for the Germans.

 The German first platoon makes the attack on the German right and again was pinned down by defensive fire.  US teams were not pinned down and got to reroll their failed hits in defensive fire.  Not a bad rule at all!  The SS platoon makes its assault and is pinned down and decimated by both US rifle platoons.  I have to admit I have never been so unsuccessful on assaults before.

US holds on strongly at the end of their turn.  They annihlated the German SS platoon with a combination of artillery and rifle fire.  The Chemical mortars also check in this turn with the AOP.

Turn 6 the Germans make a last ditch effort to take the US lines with the 1st platoon making an assault.  My artillery failed me again and made no kills to the US center lines.  I was able to pin the US first platoon.  I hoped to get a few kills in so I could clear the objective.  Defensive fire destroys the last three guys in my first platoon.  End of game

My son was taking his M10s over to the German lines to decimate the German mortars and artillery.  Amazingly they only managed to kill one tube.  That was the irony of the game… I was able to make quite a few good saves, but not when it mattered.  Losing the German armor really hurt the offensive.


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  1. Very nice! I really like those craters- how did you do them?

    • I picked them up from the war store several years ago. They are listed as JR miniatures, but I dont see them on the JR miniatures website.

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