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One of my favorite German vehicles has always been the Flakpanzer Wirbelwind ever since I first played Advanced Squad Leader back in the 80s.  It just looked cool on the counter!  With the release of Stalins Europe by Battlefront they included the Wirbelwind for the first time.  I had to pick up a section.  It was a X-MAS present last  year and I am now finally completing them.

The quality of the model is very good.  There was only minimal flash on the tracks.  The gun barrels bend a little, but keep the shape as long as my grubby hands dont get in the way. 

Color used are as follows.  I also used Dom’s Decals for the numbers and the crosses.

In addition to the Wirbelwinds, I completed a platoon of Hetzer tank hunters.  The models are from the Old Glory/Command Decision range from the Warweb.com.  I converted the original 5 tanks I had into Hungarian versions.   Paints used are similar to the Wirbelwinds.  I added foliage to the tanks to add to the camoflauge appearance these tanks would have had in theater.  The tanks also have a very weathered appearance.

The thread on the foliage is not as apparent under normal light.  Will need to trim that off.  Any suggestions for a good foliage product would be wonderful.  As always any comments would be grateful.


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