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Well I have been very slow at creating an Early War Army for Flames of War.  I actually bought the Polish Army Box quite some time ago, but they are only primed and waiting for some paint.  However, tThe Early War German tanks are so damn easy to paint with the panzer grey color and especially when Battlefront releases a spray painted aimed at making it even more lazy.  Enjoy and leave comments.  Its quite a swarm of little tanks!

Paner 38(t) from Old Glory (Command Decision) on left and Panzer IIc from Old Glory (Command Decision) on right.  Both tanks have Battlefront tank commanders.

I started with two bags of Old Glory (Command Decision) Panzer 38(t)s.  I wanted to go a more economical path as I am not sure how often I will get them on the table to play.  Next thing I know there are two more bags (they come in 3s) from the WarWeb.  The little things just keep multiplying!! 


And then I find two bags of Panzer IIs from Old Glory (CD-320A) in my mail box.  Hmm what going on?  are they reproducing and mutating.  I originally set aside 5 Panzer IIs (2 bags = 6 tanks) to be painted for a Hellfire and Back German Panzer Kompanie or DAK Panzergrenadier list.   They are primed with basecoats sitting in the painting conveyer! Below are the 5 Panzer IIc tanks.  The one of the far left is from Old Glory and the other four are from Zvezda.

Since Old Glory comes in bags of 3, I had one left over.  I didnt want to throw it in the bits box, so I thought I would add it to my Early War Panzer 38(t)s.  Problem was… I needed 4 more tanks and old glory comes in 3s.  Well I have heard about this plastics company from Russia called Zvezda that makes 1/100 scale miniatures for their own game, but they measure up to Flames of War sizes.  I picked up 4 boxes from Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove, CA. The War Store also has them for sale.   Assembling these little guys was so simple and I mean simple!  It was a matter of glueing the base to the top to create the main body and then applying the Tracks to the assembled main body.  No assembly of the tracks.  They come like the BF tracks.  Wish PSC came like that 😛  The turret just snapped into the hull and it rotates without falling out.  No magnets needed.

Overall I think the Zvezda models look really good.  They dont have an option for an open turret hatch, so I luckily had my Old Glory Panzer IIc set up with a commander (figure from BF).  The only problem I have with the Zvezda miniature is that their guns are a bit soft and can easily be bent.  Given enough bending action and then I see them failing and breaking off.

(Tanget Alert!)  The Zvezda ZIS-5 truck model kit has 17  parts to fit together compared to the 5 for the Panzer II.  They are snap together, so relatively easy to put together.  Will give that a try in the near future and post the results up here.  Overall Zvezda minatures are not bad for $4.00. 

Below the Old Glory with the BF commander is on the right.  The Zvezda is on the left.  It is only slightly smaller.

(Modelling Tip)  For the Old Glory miniatures I had to cut some BF blister plastic and glued it into the hollow underside.  This gives the miniature a platform for a magnet.  The Panzer IIc required some clay to fill the turret to bring the magnet close enough to be effective to the other magnet in the hull.  Colors I used are below. 

Overall the cost per tank is $4 for Zvezda tracks and $4.79 for Old Glory tanks.  I think that is a reasonable price for a tank that I might not play very often and they look good to boot!

Here is a Panzer IIC compared to a Battlefront King Tiger!!  They just got bigger and bigger as the war dragged on.

When I was at Brookhurst I picked up a pack of Peter Pig anti tank Rifles and DAK SMG Figures.  I needed to round out my DAK panzergrenadiers for Hellfire and Back.  Overall, I would rate the anti tank rifles as average figures.  The prone gunners dont have detailed faces, but the rest of the equipment is good.  I really like the DAK SMG figures.  They look nice and I like the dynamic stances.  Check the link for the one stance I didnt paint.  It is the best IMO.


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