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On an impulse buy while at Brookhurst Hobbies, I bought two ZIS 5 trucks. Will find some reason to use them one day, but at less than $4 per truck I couldnt say “No”! I also bought the Panzer IIc models on the same shopping trip where I was only suppose to buy a few Italian models to complete my EW/MW Italian Bersagileri list.

Zvezda models are relatively new to me. They seem to offer cheap plastic alternatives for miniature models. When painted up they look pretty good. The ZIS 5 model comes with an option for a canvas cargo cover or you can leave it off. Like the whole model, it just snaps in.

Zvezda models are snap together models. In this model kit there are 17 seperate parts. Recommend that you use plastic cutters to remove the parts and then use a hobby knife to clean the connection points.

The Zvezda model lacks some detail on the wood boards that create the walls on the cargo bed. You will need to score them with a sharp Knife. My first attempt went awry and looks like a cat scratched it, but the second truck looks good. The model also lacks the front grill which I didnt realize until after I had base coated the model.

Compared the BF model I own it is slightly larger, but not noticably. BF model is on the left. 


Colors used to paint Zvezda models. I used vallejo Model Color Russian Green for the BF ZIS 5 Truck. It is slightly darker than the vallejo Model Air Russian Green which is used on the Zvezda models.


  1. Cost is less than $4 from some online stores
  2. Model looks good with some minimal painting
  3. Optional cargo canopy
  4. Blends in with BF model


  1. Model is a bit flimsy
  2. Headlights can be easily knocked off.
  3. Will require some modification to cut in the panels in the cargo bed.
  4. No crew

The ZIS 5 model does seem a bit flimsy especially when I try to mount and dismount the cargo canopy.  The stand does help out.  I went with stands because BF trucks have stands and I tried to blend them in.   I would consider some plastic card under the bed for future builds to help reinforce the truck.

The Panzer II model didnt have a flimsy feeling.  The only “soft spot” are the guns.  As mentioned above the “soft spots” on the ZIS 5 are the headlights.


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