Rebel Minis Sabre Gunship and HAMR Recon Suit   Leave a comment

No catchy title for this post, but its a marathon day of Posts with new miniatures coming off the paint table.  These are from the Rebel Minis Earth Force line consisting of the Sabre Gunship and HAMR Recon Suit.  These miniatures will be support units for my Human forces in Tomorrow’s War.  Tomorrow’s War is primarily advertised as a small scale infantry unit game, but that doesn’t prevent players from adding AFVs, support weapons, air support, and transports to the mix.  Tomorrow’s War even has rules for robot and UAVs plus lots of options for Aliens.   The ruleset also supports creating custom units including races.

I have to say I really love the Sabre Gunship. It looks good and it feels good if you gamers know what I mean.  It comes with options for guns or missiles to be placed on the sides.  I magnetized them relatively easily using a drill.  Originally, I used the smallet rare earth magnet that I have, but it couldnt hold the weight of the guns and they would sag on down to the floor like an old lady.  I removed those and replaced them with a magnet about 3 times as large.  Worked great!  The model comes in 8 pieces (4 are the engines) plus the weapons options and fits together pretty well.  I did have to use some Green Stuff to fill in Gaps around the wings. 

I decided to use a color scheme similar to the current color used on the US Apache helicopter.  Pretty boring actually. 

The Rebel Minis HAMR Recon Suit comes with a number of options for weapons including rifles and a huge knife.  Its almost like a Space Marine Dreadnaught with options for weapons.  This is the first 15mm walker I have it is pretty nice.  I went with a automatic weapon and flamethrower as option for this weapon platform.  Colors are the same as the Sabre Gunship.  I didnt have my imagination cap on when I painted these and didnt create a camo pattern.  

 Now I just need to figure out how to play the game!!!


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