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Khurasan Miniatures recently released a pack of 15mm SEAL DEVGRU miniatures: 

15mm SEAL DEVGRU operators, OPS-COR helmets, wearing PVS-15 and face mask (eight models — six with HK416 (two with grenade launchers attached), one with Mk 14 EBR, one with M249, and eight separate Eagle Yote assault packs)

I was on the site to order the Space Demons for my son and thought what the heck, lets get some of these miniatures for the hell of it.  I have based them for Force on Force or Tomorrow’s War using the universal FoF base the US 1 cent Penny. 

The equipment choices are superb for these miniatures.  The defintion on the weapons is not bad and it about the only thing that could use some improvement.  The packs come sepearately on a sprue and have to be glued on.  Hopefully, they add to the line with more variations in gear and weapons. 

Operators with the HK416

I am not sure what uniform that was painted on the miniatures on the Khurasan website:

However, I went with MultiCam for this unit.  I will also use MultiCam for for my near future miniatures from Rebel Minis and Ground Zero Games.   I figure the US military will finally get some common sense and stop designing new camo patterns every few years and settle with MultiCam as it is useful in a variety of environments. 


Above is the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle.


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