Bersaglieri brought some friends (Italian WW2 Tanks)   Leave a comment

Growing up reading about WW2 and watching the movies, I never recalled seeing or reading anything about Italian tanks.  In general literature and movies portrayed the Italians as an ineffective fighting force.  While there were many Italian units that had poor performance, there were many units that could be rated equal to some of the best Commonwealth, German, and American divisions in the North African theater.  The Ariete Division performance was remarkable considering the light tanks they fought in.   

To complement the Compagnia Bersaglieri, I added a couple armor units for support:

  1. M13/M14  (M14 was an improved version of the M13 and for all intents at 15mm the difference in armor is not apparent) EW/MW
  2. L3/35 Lanciflamme tankette
  3. Semovente 75mm/18

The Fiat M13/M14 was a light tank with a 47mm gun (AT 6(EW) AT 7(MW))

The tank had a coaxial and twin hull MG.

I originally painted these tanks two years ago, but I did not put on a camo scheme or wash back then.  The wash and camo changed the model completely and I am really impressed how well these little guys look! 

Given the results of  these tanks… I just might have to expand this force to a complete compagnia carri!  Just need 6 more tanks.  Just need to decide if I want to get 6 tanks from BF at ~$10 each or 6 from Command Decision at ~$29?


The L3/35 tankette was based on the British Mark VI tankette

In flames of war you have the option of having a Brixia mortar, flamer, twin hull MG, or Solothurn variant.  The model is an option in the Hellfire and Back and Burning Empires books.  The Greeks can have the MG variant in Burning Empires.

The Semovente 75/18 is a Mid War tank and can be found in the Afrika or North Africa Intelligence Handbook. 

The platoon is unique in that the command tank is different from the Semovente 75/18 tanks.  It has no main gun!  Only a 13.2mm machine gun.  Unfortunately, this makes it subject to the Gun Tank rule.  If you score a hit on the platoon, you make a second roll.  A roll of 5 or 6 allows you to choose which tank to hit.


Colors used on these tanks:



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