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I couldnt leave my fearless Compagnia Bersaglieri out on the desert without some artillery support. 

For support options I have in the works:

  1. Self Propelled Coastal Gun Platoon
  2. Heavy Anti Aircraft Platoon Lancia 90/53 (WIP)
  3. Fiat CR 42 Falco (WIP)
  4. Motorized Cannon Battery (75mm/27 guns)
  5. Howitzer Battery (100mm/17 guns)

The self propelled coastal artillery are 102mm naval guns mounted on a truck.  Gotta love the improvisation that happened during the early parts of WW2.  The exceled in the role as a long range anti tank gun.  This will be the Italian answer to the Matilda II tank.  The model is excellent quality as expected from Battlefront. 

The figures come with bases and I had to figure out how to remove the bases without screwing up the boots on the miniatures.  I tried a hobby knife on one foot and it seemed to remove about 25% of the boot.  Not good!!!  The best way to remove the stand was to take some plastic clippers or pliers and cut around the feet of the figure and then clean it up with a file.

The heavy anti aircraft Lancia 90mm guns are a work in progress and I will update this post when I get them complete soon!!

The Fiat CR42 Falco are also a WIP. 

The field artillery options for Bersaglieri include 75mm, 100mm, and 105mm guns.  The 105mm guns are outrageously costed in the game and come in 130 points more for a battery than the 100mm guns.  No sense in buying those!!  What was Battlefront thinking?  Were they that rare?

The motorized cannon battery with the 75mm gun came with the originial Compagnia Bersaglieri Box I purchased several years ago.  Finally painted them last month!!

To give a unique appearance to my Army, I painted all the guns and tanks with a green camo scheme. 

The observer team is an optional element for this artillery battery and must be bought seperately.

To give the Compagnia a bit more forza or vigore, they have a battery of 100mm guns.  Little better AT in bombardments AT4, but no smoke bombardments!!!  WTF  These guys have alot of handicaps.  Going go be a challenge to play this army 🙂

Color Scheme is very similar to Compagnia Bersaglieri:


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