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I was intrigued by the SU100 as a counter to the Tiger and Panther in Flames of War.  Plus I am mini-holic and have to have all the options available to me even though I might not even play it on a normal basis.  I have been neglecting my Soviet FOW army for quite some time and not giving them new toys to play with.  However, I have been working on a few things lately… the ZIS 5 trucks, SU 100s, and some PSC T 34s.  The ZIS 5 trucks were high lighted a month ago and I will complete the PSC T-34s once I get some new decals.  Would love the heavy artillery box, if someone has some extra cash for xmas 🙂

I have been trying to spread my toy budget over a number of different armies and game systems lately, so I have been looking for good deals for tanks as I cannot afford Battlefront prices and miniatures for Tomorrow’s war and my Italians.  Plus Star Wars the Old Republic Online will be going live next week and my toy budget will have to support that hobby too lol 

Anyway… I chose to go with Command Decision miniatures for my SU100 tanks through the War Web.    Cost is $14.39 for 3 tanks.  Needed two packs for a platoon of 5 tanks.  $28.78 for the Command Decision miniatures versus $46.40 for the Battlefront miniatures through the War Store

Assembly requires attachment of the tracks to main body, the gun piece attached to the body, and hatches.  Model comes with no crew and I used an extra BF crew for the company commander.  The package does come with some logs for decoration.  Fuel drums are casted onto the model unlike BF and PSC tanks.  The model is 100% metal with a hollow under body. 

The detail of the model overall is very good and I would consider it one of the better Command Decision tanks.  The only fault I have in the model is that gun barrel is too short.  When compared to a BF SU85 the length of the barrel is the same.  It should be considerably longer.  I would venture to classify the model as being the SU-85m instead of the SU 100 given the length of the barrel.  The SU 85m used the same body, but used the 85mm gun when the 100mm D10S gun was initially in short supply. 

Comparison of Command Decision “SU100” (right) to Battlefront SU 85 (left) barrel length.

Flash was very minial on the tracks.  There are a few spots on the front glacis that are deformed from the molding process.  About half the tanks had this deformity.  Hard to see when painted up compared to when bare metal.   Colors used to paint the SU 100 (SU-85m) are:

Here are some photos of the SU100 (SU85M) parked next to Command Decision ISU 122 and ISU 152 models.

Video from You Tube showing painting of SU 100.

Comparison of Command Decision SU 100 against real photos of SU 100 and SU 85Ms.  Pretty obvious the barrel is too short without going into calculations and measurements.


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