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I purchased the Compagnia Bersagileri Army Box quite a few years ago with the intention of a quick turn around on a Mid War desert army to go with a DAK and Aussie army that I had.  Well priorities changed and I emphasized Late War armies for Flames of War over any other period.  With the release of North Africa I tried to get excited about the unit, but the structure changes to the AS42 company made it difficult because I would have to buy several AT guns and HMGs to complete the organization which were not included in the original box.  The original box was designed for the book Afrika.  I admit I was lazy, but it seemed a pain in the ass!  With the releasee of Hell Fire and Back I found the motivation to complete and expand the army.

I have painted some of the units of the army over a number of years.  Bersagileri platoon 1, some AT guns, and the bersagileri HMGs were painted about 3 years ago.  The carri and semovente platoon were painted 2 years ago.  Everything else has been painted in the last month. 


The Compagnia Bersaglieri:

1st Bersaglieri Platoon

Overall the miniatures are a good quality.  However, there were a number of deformed miniatures.  Either their heads were messed up and a few had incomplete legs.  I ended up using the heads of some of the deformed miniatures to do head swaps with the Greek officer figures from the continental motorciclisti.  

2nd Bersaglieri Platoon.  These were completed recently and reflect what I think is a slightly improved painting and basing style compared to what I did three years ago with the 1st platoon.  I did go over the 1st platoon and add details like the goggles and insignia.

Solothurn AT guns.  The Early War Variant of the Bersaglieri list calls for one per company.  However, the North Africa AS42 variant has the option for 1 per each squad (3 per platoon).  Not sure how effective these will be in mid war with ROF 3 and AT5.  Would put the hurt on some light tanks and infantry, but would have to be very lucky against medium armor.

Bersaglieri Mortar.  Standard 81mm medium mortar that many countries used.  Small platoon though compared to German and British platoon usually having 6 tubes.

Bersaglieri HMGs with the Breda HMG.  Again small platoon with only 3 guns.  AS42 bersaglieri platoon has one per squad.

Regular Italian Army HMGs.  To fill out the AS 42 platoon organization I bought the fucilleri HMG platoon just to give some variation in the company.  The Bersaglieri actually wore the steel helmets during fighting.  Platoon comes with the standard 4 HMG guns.

Beraglieri AT cannone da 47/32 modello 35 (1st platoon)

Beraglieri AT cannone da 47/32 modello 35 (2nd platoon).  Had to get a second platoon and a couple special orders just to have enough for the AS42 organization.  The Bersaglieri platoons have one per squad.

While not technically part of the core Compagnia Bersaglieri, I have included the Demolisher platoon.  These are the Italian combat engineers.  Wasnt really impressed with this blister as none of the figures are doing something “combat engineering” related.  They dont even have explosives. 

 It is basically the Fucilleri blister with a few flamethrowers thrown in. 

The pack didnt even have the brixa mortars needed to complete the platoon.  The option for the brixa mortars is to either buy the blister from Battlefront that has 9 mortars or to buy a pack from Peter Pig with 3 Brixia mortars.  I went with the Peter Pig option so I wouldnt have a bunch of mortars I wont use.  These are my only non BF miniatures in my Italian Army that I have painted.  I do have some Command Decision Semovente 75s that I havent finished painting.

Thanks for viewing the Compagnia Bersaglieri.  Currently, I only have two combat platoons.  I might expand it out to three in the future.  Peter Pig has a blister with a full platoon.  I like a little diversity, so I might try that even though I prefer BF infantry hands down. 

Next up is the Artillery batteries.  Will then have a post on the armor.  When I complete the motorciclisti and Falco biplanes I will have them posted. 

 Colors used for this project and I am sure I have forgotten a couple:


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