Burning Empires – Compagnie de Tiralleurs   Leave a comment

The primary force in Burning Empires for the French is the Tiralleur Infantry Company.  No armor lists as they were primarily attached to French Infantry as per doctrine at the time.

The above group consists of the Tiralleurs HQ blister, 2 x Tiralleurs platoons, and one Sapper Platoon.

The colors used come from the Burning Empires Book, bit a couple modifications.

First Platoon.  The Tiralleurs blister has a couple figures that are weak in the ankles.  That was the only major flaw in these blisters.  Flash wasnt much of an issue and required only minor clean up.

Second Platoon

Personally I prefer the second platoon bases much better.  I wish I had done that for the whole army.  Difference was I added the sand prior to being primed.  I also used a slightly different color for the bases.  In addition I used the Battlefront spray for desert British armor as the first base coat.  I then dry brushed Iraqi Sand on.

French Foreign Legion Sappers with beards which is the custom for the sappers since they werent expected to live long!!


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