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I was a little hessitant to pick up an Early War French army for Flames of War until the Burning Empires books. This was mostly due to the short campaign in France. The Burning Empires book allows the French forces to be either Allied or Vichy and that was the ringer that sold me. I had always remembered that scene in A Big Red One where they landed in oppostion to the Vichy forces. I know the Burning Empires book is about the Eastern Mediterraen, but I will use them across Northern Africa.

I started with tanks and finished with Tanks. The H39 tanks were my first project. The models are Battlefront Miniatures. The blister comes with a pack of 3.

I went with a two tone camoflauge with brown outline.

They havent seen action yet, but it will interesting to see these tiny little tanks in action.  The H39 tanks are an option for only the Free French list.  Overall the model was easy to put together.  No major issues with the molds or flashing.  I did have to drill holes for magnets.

The Vichy French list gives the option for R35 tanks.  It took me awhile to find these tanks.  Most places were out of stock.  However, Brookhurst Hobbies got a restock and now have a little 3 or 4 extra blisters.  These models are also from Battlefront Miniatures and come with two tanks per blister.  A tank platoon in Burning Empires has up to 3 tanks with the option for two platoons.

I painted these tanks similar to the H39 except no brown outline.  I tried to find photo evidence of R35s in Syria during the period and most seem to have been one color with no distinguishing marks.  With the exception of the company symbol.

Overall the French armor forces were a fun to paint.  Something completely different that the PSC T34s I last painted up.  These models were easy to put together and did not have any issues with flashing or the molding process.  I did have to drill holes for the turret magnets.

While not a tank by any definition these Self Propellled 75mm AA trucks are part of the few French Vehicles I currently own.

These trucks are so unique looking I had to pick them up.  They can fill the AA and AT role.  Paint scheme is similar to the R35 tanks.  These models come in a box set.  I believe it has been discontinued to become a blister.  Model required some minor assembly and clean up.  Nothing issues really and look nice in the end.


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  1. Very nice!

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