US Sherman T34 Calliope   2 comments

I picked this model up on a whim a year or so ago.  Hopefully, we will see it in an official Flames of War list soon.  I used a basic US armor paint scheme on this tank.  I might go back and airbrush some black camo spots on it.  From is from the wiki site. The rocket 4.5 inch M8 rockets were fired from a M4 Sherman

The model is from Peter Pig and is a very good model.  It measures up very well against BF and other manufacturers Sherman tanks.  There were no serious issue regarding flash and assembly was easy.

Another vehicle to go on the maintenance list as it needs the airbrush camo spots like the photo and some wash to create a little shadow effect.

Comparison of Sherman Calliope vs other manufacturers


2 responses to “US Sherman T34 Calliope

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  1. I am thinking about buying 4 of these ,, are they in good scale with PSC/BF m-4 Sherman? If so can i get a side by side pic please.

    • Added a photo at the end of the Calliope post showing comparisons. I think it fits in pretty well. It might be a tad bit longer than the PSC tank, but it fits very well with the BF sherman. I started a thread about Sherman comparisons as I collect them 🙂

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