US Tank Destroyer (M10 Wolverine and M36 Jackson)   Leave a comment

I picked up the M10 and M36 tank destroyers several years ago when I first started collecting Flames of War miniatures.  The M10 Wolverines are Battlefront models and the M36 Jackson are from the Old Glory Command Decision range.

These models come in a pack of 3 for approximately $15 off the Warweb website.   The vehicles do not come with figures.  The couple figures I have put in the tank destroyers are from BF.  I do need to find a few more.

I painted them back in the day using Vallejo Brown Violet for the hull and black for the treads.  I add no secondary effects such as drybrushing or weathering.  They do seem to be weathered a little because there doesnt seem to be a matte varnish and they have been scraped in the box.  Looks like I need to put them on the refresh list.  Over the last several years I have started to go back to my original tanks and apply more advanced techniques such as weathering, drybrushing, and the use pigments and inks.  Needless to say that is a pretty long list as well as my minis that are not even complete.

The M10 Wolverines were bought as individual blisters and one TD section box.  The new M10 platoon box coming out summer 2012 looks pretty nice with some of the armor upgrades.

Very basic paint job and will have to go on my refresh list.


Will add more shots from different angles once I update the paint job.    Will use these photos as a historical background.

Here are some comparison shots between the BF M10s and Old Glory M36s.

I have yet to play the M36s in a game yet.  I have played the M10s in a couple battles in the past using the V2 TD rules.  Next up are the M18s!!!



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