US Tank Destroyer M18 Hellcat   Leave a comment

I have wanted  M18 Hellcats for a very long time.  I even held them in my hands, ready to go drop some cash on them, but utimately convinced myself to put them back because I have used my M10s very infrequently.  The final breaking point came with the new Tank Destroyer Company list in Blood, Guts, and Glory.  I purchased two platoon boxes of theBattlefront M18s from Brookhurst hobbies on a whim.  I needed 4 additional M20 armored cars to complete the list.  I have quite a large number of Jeeps in my vehicles pool.  However, when I pulled them out for the photo today they were ugly so we wont talk about them lol

Anyway here are the M18 hellcats and M20s.

US armor in WW2 followed a relatively simple scheme:

 Overall the models were very well done.  I did have to clean up some extra resin under the turret.  A simple file completed that task.

The crew can be done one of two ways… paint them seperately and then glue them in or glue them in a paint them in the vehicle.  I choose the later because i wanted to get the painting done.  My paint queue is already too large and I had bumped it back even further with this purchase.

The M20 utility cars are good models from battlefront, but the front wheel section requires some work to get it to sit in the slot.  Sometimes I could not get a good fit and should have used some green stuff, but forgot until after the fact.   I painted the crews seperatly and then placed them in the vehicles.

My original two M20s are done up a bit differently with stowage from the old sprue.  I did drybrush on some flat earth to give it a dirty look.

I gave each of the M18s and the new M20s a name from the new BF US decals.

Here are some pictures of the Jumbo and Easy Eight track issues.  I will create a seperate post showing them in a completed state.  In general the track widths are different.  The jumbos are worse than the Easy Eights.


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