USMC M4A2 Shermans and LVT Buffalos   Leave a comment

I have been sitting on these vehicles for a very long time.  Over a year I would bet.  I should have finished them when I completed my USMC rifle company, but I got side tracked.  I decided to pull them out and complete them along with the M18s, Easy 8s, and Jumbos I recently purchased.

I based the paint scheme off drawings from the book US Army Camoflage and Markings World War II by Jim Mesko.  This specific scheme is from the 5th Marines.

The tanks are all white metal and fit together very well.   I purchased them from War Web several years ago.  They come in packs of three.  The are made by Old Glory and cost approximately $15 for three.

The model does have a mold line across the side of the hull that took some extra work to reduce and it become almost unnoticeable.

I did have to add plastic in the hull to hold a magnet and fill in the turret a little for the other magnet.  Overall it was pretty easy to accomplish.

Tank crew is from Battlefront.

Here is the Old Glory M4A2 compared to the BF M4A1 tank

The LVT 2s are from Old Glory and fully casted in resin.

I painted up two a year or so ago and used flat brown instead of flat earth for the camo scheme.

The tracks on the LVTs are broken on the bottom on a couple of the models.  There is a little extra mold flash on the model bellow I never saw until this picture lol

The red lines on the side denote landing on red beach.


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