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This is my first post on my Dad’s Blog.  Hope u like it!!  This is a lego juggernaut  from Call of Duty. The chest from the juggernaut is from series 7 lego mystery packs. The helmet is from the series 3 lego mystery pack. The face piece is from a power miners set. It’s not available anymore.  The paints I used were

  • Valleje Russian Uniform for  base color
  • Valleje USA Tan Earth for camo
  • Valleje Chocolate Brown for camo
  • Valleje Reflective Green for camo
  • Valleje German C. Beige for final camo

This is  my collection of Brick Arms Guns and other lego soilders.

This a pictrue of my other multicam camo guys. I have battles with my legos like Flames of War.

This a lego mission that I built with a little bit of help from my dad. This is a mission made of legos showing San Juan Buatista which is in California.


Posted July 4, 2012 by ashstorms in Lego

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