Sherman Model Comparison (WIP)   2 comments

I have alot of Shermans.  Mostly from Battlefront, but many from other manufactures including Peter Pig, Old Glory, and Plastic Solider Company.  I am going to attempt to show comparisons of the different models graphically to help my fellow gamers pick what is out there.  Its going to take awhile because I dont all the models I would want to compare yet, but I will start acquiring them just for you the reader!!

Here are the first tanks for comparison.  I had someone ask how the Peter Pig T34 Calliope compare against other Shermans.  Let me know which other shots are important to you to compare tanks and any recommendations for comparison.

Next one below is Peter Pig Calliope and Old Glory M4A2 in USMC 5th Marines colors.

Calliope and Battlefront M4A1

Below is pretty much each of the types of Shermans that I have  although I have a feeling I might be missing one or two!

Update 17 July 2012

A picture with all my Sherman tanks including the commonwealther variants.  Only tanks missing is a box of M4A1 (76mm) from Battlefront I havent built.  I am not sure what to do with them.

More comparison of sherman tanks.  Here are the Old Glory M4A2, Peter Pig M4A3 76mm, PSC M4A3 (late) 75mm, and the BF M4A1 75mm

Here are the Peter Pig M4A3 76mm, PSC M4A3 (late) 75mm, the BF M4A1 75mm, BF M4A3E2 Jumbo, and BF M4A3E8 Easy Eight

Collection smaller size


2 responses to “Sherman Model Comparison (WIP)

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  1. hey thanks bud …that helped make my decision…. 🙂

  2. thanks for this comparison, it is very useful

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