The Plastic Solider Company M4A3 Late reviewed   2 comments

The Plastic Soldier Company released their M4A3 (late) box this summer.  I originally thought I had enough Sherman tanks, but I succumbed.  I succumbed to need to have the exact model of vehicle.  I am probably not alone among my fellow gamers in this addicition!

The box comes with options to build either the M4A3 75mm, M4A3 76mm, or the M4A3 105mm.  There are not enough hatches or turrets to make all the options.  Will talk about the solution later.

One of the attributes I have always liked in many of my models is the weight.  Plastic tanks are so light, so I used one of the ideas floating around out there on the forums.  Think it was one of the guys on the WWPD forum who recommended it.  I added metal BBs to the hull and gave them a good amount of PVA glue to hold them in place.  The finished weight is about the same as a BF resin sherman with plastic tracks.

After adding the BBs to the lower hull, then glue on the upper hull and attach the front glacis plate.

Here are the turret options.  Also a comparison of the BF plastic 75mm gun in grey.  I believe you could use BF tracks and guns on these tanks if you want.  Would be minor modifications.

The tracks are one of the mostly complicated pieces on PSC tanks.  They are usually three piece.  Ideally best way is to clean them very well of where they attached to the sprue and then fit them individually.

The tracks do go a specific way.  Pay attention to how the front sprocket wheel fits with the tracks.  Take your time on this step and you will have some nice tracks.  This is one step you shouldnt try to zip past.

PSC does come with some options for the rear of the tank.  I like the shelf on the back.  I assume the other pieces are light guards for night travel… any insight?

Here I added a BF tank crew with a little green stuff to the turret and then attached the .50cal AA gun.  You will need some extra .50 cal AA MGs if you want to use both the 75mm turret and the 76mm turret.

Here is the final assembled 76mm tank with some BF stowage.  I think I need to buy some more.  I really like the new BF tank stowage.

Two boxes of PSC tanks with the 75mm turrets.  Note I used green stuff to add additional hatches to the turrets. I had a number of extra BF hatches available to complete the company

Here are the 76mm turrets with green stuff and a mix of BF turrets.  I figure I will use the 75mm M4A3 (late) more than the 76mm.  10 more points and you have run the Easy Eight!!

The final painted unit of 10 tanks!

Color used on this project:

A comparison with the Battlefront M4A1 Sherman.


2 responses to “The Plastic Solider Company M4A3 Late reviewed

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  1. Very nice indeed. What reference is the US stowage from Battlefront?

  2. The battlefront stowage used here is mostly from the M18 or M10 Tank destroyer boxset. The Easy 8 and Jumbo sets have stowage also. It appears the only set of stowage you can order separately is the older US stowage and quite frankly it is a bit boring compared to the new stowage.

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