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My kid likes big tanks and the bigger the better.  Ever since he started playing World of Tanks he has gotten a good sense of the types of heavy tanks that were in production and those that were in design during WW2.  I have not been able to find an US T29 heavy tank in 15mm scale yet, but I was able to find a German Maus heavy tank and Russian KV5s and KV3.

The Peter Pig Mause is a resin hull and turret.  The tracks and gun are the typical white metal.  The model requires some filing on the bottom and the tracks to get them to sit well.

Overll my son did 90% of the work.  I helped with filing, the varnishes, decals, and the primer and base coat.  He did all assembly, airbrush the camo, drybrushing, hand painting, and washes.

Here is the Maus compared to the Battlefront German King Tiger

The Maus compared to the Battlefront M4A3E2

I hope you enjoyed.  This does seem to be a good way to get kids into Flames of War by introducing them to tanks through World of Tanks.  He had played a number of FOW games with me in the past, but now he has a sense of ownership and is interested in making his own tank army!!



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