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My son and I got into World of Tanks over the summer.  Subsequently, this prompted my son to ask for some KV5 tanks as they are a good premium money maker in the game.  Battlefront released a boxset of 3 KV5 several years ago as part of the Mid War Monsters release.  Word is they will be offering individual tanks for sale via special offer soon.  My kid painted 2 out of three of the tanks with a special camo scheme that was inspired from world of tanks.

KV-5 Specifications (Flames of War Website)
Designation Tyazhyeliy Tank KV-5
Crew 5 (cdr, gnr, ldr, dvr, MG gnr)
Weight 220,462lb/100,000kg
Length 36’5”/11.10m
Height 13’1”/4.00m
Width 12’11”/3.95m
Armament 1 x 107mm ZIS-6 gun; 3 x 7.62mm DT MGs
Armour Thickness Up to 170mm
Engine 2 x V-2 12-cylinder diesel; 2368cu in/39 litre, 600hp each
Suspension Transverse torsion bar
Design Features

The KV-5 was a true monster of a tank. Nearly three times as long as a T-34 medium tank, and over twice as high, it dominated the battlefield in more ways than one. While it is slow, the gigantic KV-5 is almost immune to all enemy action and can destroy any enemy tank at long range.
In Flames Of War
Weighing in at 100 tons, the KV-5 is easily the heaviest tank attempted anywhere in the world to date. Its armour is impenetrable, while its gun can destroy any other vehicle in existence.
ROF 1; Anti-tank 14; Firepower 2+ Front 14; Side 12; Top 2
I intervened and painted one KV 5 according to a potential camo scheme.
A little comparison against the M24 Chaffee tanks I am currently working on.  The KV5 is absolutely massive! The chaffee is all shiny because I am about to appy a wash and decals.
Well it didnt stop there… my son asked for some KV3 tanks to model.  This time he painted all four tanks with his unique camo scheme.
Designation: Tyazhyeliy Tank
Crew: 5 (cdr, gnr, ldr, dvr, co-dvr)
Length: 30’4”/9.25m
Width: 11’2”/3.41m
Armament: 1x 107mm ZIS-6
gun, 2x 7.62mm DT machine-guns.
Ammunition Stowage: 44x 107mm, 2772
x 7.62mm.
Armour Thickness: Up to 130mm
Engine: V-2SN
supercharged 12-cylinder diesel, 2368cu in/39 litre,
Suspension: Transverse torsion bar
Maximum Speed:
Road Radius: less than 124 miles/200km

In Flames Of War

The ZIS-6 107mm gun is the most powerful tank gun in the world. No tank in existence is immune to its armour-piercing shot. The KV-3 provides a relatively mobile and well-protected mount for this superb weapon.
Weapon: Range: 32″/80cm; ROF: 1; Anti-tank: 14; Firepower 2+
Armour:  Front: 10; Side: 8; Top: 2
Equipment and Notes: Co-ax MG, Hull MG, Overloaded, Slow tank, Unreliable.

We also picked up one KV1S for our collection.  I added it to the 5 other KV 1s tanks I forgot I already had.  Only used them in one battle many years ago.  They were originally in the standard russian green color.  I decided they need a bit more spunk and used the camo scheme similar to the KV5.

KV-1S obr 1942

Manufacturer: Factory No.100 Kirovskiy Works in
Chelyabinsk (ChKZ or Tankograd)
Production Quantity: 1370
Production Period: August 1942 ~ April 1943
Crew: (5) Commander, gunner, auxiliary driver,
driver/mechanic, radio-operator
Length overall: 7.0m
Width: 3.3m Height: 2.8m
Combat Weight: 42500kg (compared to KV-1 of 48000kg
Radio Equipment: 9R or 10R
Weapon: 76.2mm gun (ZIS-5 or
F-34) +3 7.62mm machine-guns

Armour: 75mm front, 82mm gun mantlet/turret front, 75mm turret sides and rear, 60mm hull side and rear

Speed: 43kph

In Flames Of WarThe
KV-1S was used to arm both the Guards Heavy Tank Companies and the Heavy Tank
Companies of the 1942 organisation Mixed Tank Battalion.Despite it
being lighter than the KV-1e it is still a formidable tank. It has excellent
mobility being Fully-tracked but not limited by the Slow Tank rule of other KVs.
It also had Wide Tracks making it excellent in difficult terrain. The improved
turret with the command cupola also means it does not suffer from Limited
Vision.  It still has excellent armour, Front 8, Side 6 and Top 2.
It is armed with the same gun as the T-34 giving it range 32”/80cm, ROF 2, AT 9
and FP 3+.

The colors I used for the one KV 5 tank and the KV1s tanks include:
My son used similar colors, but added a few more in of his special camo mixture.  I did attempt to use some AV grim and rust streak effects on the KV5 tank.
A group photo!

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  1. Very nicely done!! Looks like it’s time to get him started on that Kursk scenario… 😉

  2. He wants to have a World of Tanks battle using flames of war first. Kursk would be something he would like from the tank perspective. I dont think he really cares about infantry unless they are SEALs.

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