A licht purse maks a heavie hert. Saga Scots (work in progress)   Leave a comment

  I have only painted 4 points worth of figures to date, but my plan is to complete another two points for the following set up.

  1. Warlord
  2. 3 x Toisech
  3. 3 x Soer-chele

I have thrown in some figures from the viking hirdmen and bondi boxes to help fill out the army without having to buy more figures.  Unfortunately, all the viking figures have pants and all the Scots figures have tunics or skirts or whatever they wear!!  Dont think kilts were developed until the 1600s.  However, they seem to match in well as I am sure some worse pants!!

The Warlord and Hearthguard.  I did paint them a bit ahistorial as from all I could find on clothing in Scotland during this period it seems they wore clothing similar to the England or the Irish with tunics mostly.  I think this gives them some character just for fun. A great link for painting tartans: http://www.angelfire.com/tx/ToySoldier/tartan.htm

Only one group of Soer-chele are painted.  Plastic guys is in top left.  I really don’t like him.  I choose not to paint eyes on most of them.  Like Steve and Dirty Jon from WWPD these are kind of a secondary game to my real passion of WW2 miniatures.  However, I have to admit this game feels great to play and it is set in a period I really enjoy.  Cannot wait to see the expansion into the crusades.

The other two groups are primed and ready to be finished.  To be consistent I am using the 30mm base on all Saga figures.  I have yet to put together the Saxons.  I have some Normans too!  My kid wants to run the Knights Templars which we have a boxing coming from Fireforge games.  Dont plan on putting transfers on the warriors since I want them to feel a bit poorer than the hearthguard.  Hence the different tartans too!

Overall I am impressed with the figures.  They have very good details.  The hands on some of the Scots are bit out of scale.  They are slightly bigger than the plastics, but fit well enough together.  I might change them out one day.  One complaint I have is that all Scottish hearthguard and warriors are supposed to be spearmen.  The box set came with a lot of swordsmen!!  I guess the rule is a generality because only spearmen can use specific Scottish skills.  Perhaps these guys without spears have lost theirs in battle!

Well I finished my last point in a 6 point Saga army this week.

I went with a scheme with multiple different types of plaid on the dresses that the chaps are wearing

The original warlord has been usurped by a new young lad by the name of Collin the Crazy.  Collin (left) thinks he is the decendant of some old roman general and seeks a greater empire similar to rome, but for Scotland!  Move over bangers and mash its time for haggis!

The old warlord (right) graciously bowed to Collin’s overwhelming charisma and is now faithfully protecting his lord in the hearthguard.  The figure on the left is from Wargames Foundry Franks Saxon Command and Character Pack.  The right figure is from Gripping beast and can be bought seperate as a warlord or comes with the Saga Scots starter box.  He just didnt have the energy I was looking for in a Warlord.


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