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I went cheap on the viking army.  1 box of Gripping Beast Plastic Viking hirdmen and then later a box of Wargames Factory Viking Bondi.  The only metal figures are the Viking bowmen and Berserkers.

Currently, my Viking army consists of:

  1. Warlord from the Viking Hirdmen box.  Dont really like him and looking for a figure that looks like Buliwyf from the 13th Warrior.  I know its cheesy!!  If you know of any 28mm that fits the bill let me know.
  2. 3 Viking Hirdmen groups of 4 armed with swords and axes.
  3. 1 Viking Beserker group of 4 from Gripping Beast
  4. 3 Viking Bondi groups (2 of which came from the hirdmen box armed with spears and 1 from the bondi box armed with spears).  The two from the hirdmen box have chain mail armor compared to the one from the bondi box.  I already had them based and primed before I bought the bondi box.  Plan might be to add more bondi later and use the hirdmen as hirdmen and increase my total points to 12 eventually.
  5. 1 Viking bowmen group from Gripping Beast

Here is the Warlord and his hearthguard of Viking hirdmen.  The miniatures can be customized to the extent that there are 4 body types in the box.  Very pleased with the box with the exception of the warlord figure.  He doesn’t look very imposing.  Figures are based on Warmachine 30mm bases I got cheap from Heresy Miniatures.  The Warlord is on an extra GW base.  I like the size better than the 50mm base from warmachine.

These are the two Viking Bondi (warrior) groups from the Viking Hirdmen box.  They will double as hirdmen and bondi until I get time to paint additional units from the Bondi box.  Transfers are from Little Big Men.

This is the one unit of Bondi from the Wargames factory Bondi Box.  They are bad.  I think I prefer the Gripping Beast Plastics better.

The Viking Berserkers!  Never painted a naked dude… kinda weird.  Hopefully my opponent feels the same way and rolls bad when up against these guys.

Viking Bowmen from Gripping Beast.

They look well fed for lowly levy troops. Maybe a bit bigger than the Gripping Beast Plastics.

Viking Booty from the Gripping Beast Saga Baggage blister.  One cart pulled by little ponies.

A handcart pulled by a guy from the bondi box

A group of pigs from the Saga blister

Houses on the left and right are from Pegasus Hobbies and the one in the center is from 4Ground.  I picked up all three at Brookhurst Hobbies.

My son and I had our first test battle today.  A 4 point affair pitting Viking against Scots.  We were able to complete the game in about and hour for a victory going to the Scots.  My kid was running the Scots and had some hot dice.  He would literally roll the 5s and 6s he needed for the defensive saves.  We played around a little with the Scottish rules and they seem to very good defense set.  The Tireless skill allows them to remove a fatigue marker after a melee battle.  Seems he had one group of hearthguard that was always fresh after many battles.  I didn’t get any photos this time, but we will certainly have another battle soon as he really enjoyed kicking my arse!


Nothing fancy just a new warlord for the Vikings.  The one from the Gripping Beasts plastic set just didnt do it for me.  The new warlord is from the Wargames Foundry Viking Characters Range.  I have to admit the whole lot of figures that come in this pack have great character.  I just need the time to add them to warband!


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