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After a summer of back to back travel for work, I am finally getting a little time to paint.  Minus the job of putting in tile in my bathrooms.  I bought the engineer support platoon and combat engineer company over the summer.  Combat engineers or military engineers in general have a place in my heart since that is what I pretty much did as a Civil Engineer Corps Officer in the Navy.    Although Seabees would be rated as heavy construction battalions and not combat engineer battaltions.  This post will cover the month of October and anything that I complete in the miniature world will be posted here.

First up is the engineer support platoon(s) for a combat engineer company.  Above is the photo of two support platoons.  Originally the idea was to make a fall/winter combat engineer company with two platoons.  My existing combat engineer platoon was painted and based way back when I first started and left alot to be desired, so I stripped them.  Now I have three engineer platoons and I mixed them up a little with the older figures which dont have overcoats.  I plan on basing them in a late fall or early winter without snow setting.

Here are a few closer shots of the trucks.  I was surprised I missed the wheels and hit the base with the grey on more than one occasion.  Might have to fix that!  Otherwise the truck offer a great chance to customize.  I customized one truck with some extra gear I had and some green stuff as a tarp.  When I go back and fix the splotches, I will also magnetize the guns.  I should have done that to start with, but I thought they looked great with .50 cal, but I do wonder how the crew weapon is served!

Here is a truck carrying fill or hauling it away!

My favorites of this box are the D7 armored dozers.  John Wayne using a dozer to halt the Japanese advance in “The Fighting Seabees” is a classic moment for all CEC officer and Seabees.  The movie was filmed for the most part here in Port Hueneme, CA which is the home of the west coast Seabees.

Cbaxter on WWPD inspired me to add to dozer by having perform some clearing and grubbing.

I added bases, so I could store them with the rest of my trucks.  I dont usually like to put bases on tracked vehicles, but this came out nice.

The scene with John Wayne and the dozer is based on an actual event that happened during WW2 involving the Seabees.  “It was during the landing on Treasury Island in the Solomons, on 28 November  1943, that Fireman 1st Class Aurelio Tassone, USNR, of the 87th Naval Construction Battalion created that legendary figure of the Seabee astride his bulldozer rolling over enemy positions. Tassone was driving his bulldozer ashore during the landing when Lieutenant Charles E. Turnbull, CEC, USNR, told him a Japanese pillbox was holding up the advance from the beach. Tassone drove his dozer toward the pillbox, using the blade as a shield, while Lieutenant Turnbull provided covering fire with his carbine. Under continuous heavy fire, Tassone crushed the pillbox with the dozer blade, killing all 12 of its occupants. For this act Tassone was awarded the Silver Star. ”

Next up is a platoon of M24 Chaffee light tanks.  They looked cool, so I bought.  Not sure I will ever use them, but they look cool!

Work continues feverishly at the Shermon Armory.  I stumbled upon some M10s and Sdkfz 251/17Ds that I had base coated, applied camo, and even done some detail work.  Completely forgot about them.  Anyone else have too much on their paint desk and lose track of it?

I originally had one Sdkfz 251/17D, but I stripped it when I picked another two up over the summer to complete a AA platoon for some list out of BG&G that I have already forgotten about.  I am sure I will find it one day again.  I wanted them all to have a similar paint finish.

The guns really suck on these models because they bend so much.  BF needs to switch to plastic.

On my original halftrack I split the gun in two parts and magnetized it.  It fits ok, but I wasnt happy with it.  When I stripped it of paint, the bottom section refused to come out, so I left it that way.

The two new halftracks, I kept the gun one piece and placed a magnet on the bottom of the gun and one in the floor.  This is the best solution and the gun sits quite solidly compared to the other method.

A top down view with the guns in and with them out of the vehicle.

Battlefront tempted me again with the new M10 Wolverine box because it has an option for improved top armor.  Ever since I first saw the tank destroyer many years ago when I was a kid, I thought it was really stupid not to have a roof because the guys would get wet!  What was the US Army thinking!!!

The boxset comes with a little bit of stowage to help customize your AFV.  I wish someone made cheap stowage I could buy in quantity as I really like my tanks to look individual and I am not the greatest at greenstuff.

For these models I thought it would be great to apply some AK interactive effects to the vehicles.

I added Earth effects to the lower hull and tracks plus some drying brushing.

For a final weathering effect I added some streaking grime.  The secret with that stuff is to put it on and then wipe it down gently.  If you dont it goes on way too dark at the 15mm scale.


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