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I picked up this little gem earlier this year for less than $10.  I have a horrible habbit of buying toy soldiers with steep discounts.  Here you see the ME 262 attacking a Peter Pig Sherman Calliope which I also just finished to give me a full battery (2 BF and 2 PP)

I knew I would have to repaint the the aircraft because this diecast ME 262 is painted as a post war test model captured by the US with US markings.

Overall the process to convert the model to a “German” paint scheme was relatively easy.  I did not have to strip the paint.  I primed the model using automotive dark grey primer.  Then airbrushed on olive drab as a base coat.  I hand painted the the bottom of the fuselage Pale Grey Blue from Vallejo, and then for the camo scheme I used the Luftwaffe green and German Camo Dark green.  I then airbrushed on the camo effect using model air Tank Green.  My compressor sucks and I still dont have too much skill at airbrushing so you can see some splatter in the little puffs of camo.

This model is a ME 262 in 1/100 scale.  Its big but not too big.  Here you can see it compared to BF aircraft.

Bonus Material

My daughter has taken advantage of my terrain collection and set up a table for her Littlest Pet Shop movies she makes.  Here is the setting for Snow White and the Huntsman.  The table is divided into different scenese in the movie.


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