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We gamers are trying to measure our collective standing.  A good fun post as led to a number of posts trying to categorize how much of a gamer we are.  All in fun!

Phil started it on his thread

and BigLee followed up with a point system

I added a little point spread to the first question, one point for going to hospital for playing, and being a forumholic

Available Points Points Comments
1 Spent at least £500 (~$800 USD)   on figures / tanks – and you get extra kudos for every £500 (~$800 USD)   you’ve spent.  I say we raise the bar   to our brethren across the pond to $1,000! 1 Point for every $1000 (max 10   points) 8 I really don’t know, but at   least 8k
2 Pricked your finger or thumb on   a pike block 1 Point (+1 point for hospital   visit) 1  Hobby knife count?
3 Tried at least 10 different rule   sets and vowed never to play half of them ever again 1 Point 0 Not yet, but I see it in my   future
4 Bought an army off EBay 1 Point 0 Don’t trust eBay
5 Sold an army on EBay 1 Point 0 I can never sell my precious
6 spent months painting an army –   then used it in anger once 1 Point 1 spent months and never played   and that makes me angry
7 tried several different periods   and genres 1 Point 1
8 dropped a box of figures on the   floor from a great height 1 Point 1 A couple times
9 lost a battle on the last throw   of the dice 1 Point 1
10 made at least one enemy for life 1 Point 0 Hopefully not
11 had a proper, stand up argument   over a wargamers table 1 Point 0 Not Yet
12 thrown a dice across a room 1 Point 0
13 rebased an army for a different   rule set 1 Point 1 FOW to FoF and FOW to BA
14 inflicted a whopping defeat on   an opponent 1 Point 0 I suck pretty bad to be that   good.
15 suffered an embarrassing defeat   due to a stupid tactical decision 1 Point 1 That’s more like it.
16 joined a wargamers club 1 Point 1 Informal one in TN.  None here in CA.
17 bought a ton of lead that   remains unpainted 1 Point 1
18 been to a wargamers show 1 Point 1
19 have more dice than is logical   or necessary to own – and have used most of them 1 Point 1
20 have taken boxes of troops down   to a club just to show them off to your mates 1 Point 1
21 You have reference books on each   period / army you play (I must have ten samurai books now) 1 Point 1 Almost all.  I consider Google a reference book too!
22 Having played so many different   games you confidently quote rules for a totally different period, scale or   ruleset to the one you’re playing at that moment 1 Point 0
23 You have lied to your partner /   spouse about how much you’ve spent on the hobby 1 Point 1 Not really lied, but never the   truth!
24 You get genuinely excited when a   package arrives in the post – then hide it upstairs quickly before your   partner sees it. If your partner finds it first, you lie about the contents. 1 Point 1
25 You have joined a re-enactment   society (5 points for this one!) 5 Points 0 Would like to
26 You have played in an unsuitable   venue 1 Point 0
27 You continue to search for the   perfect Napoleonic / WW2 / Ancients / ACW etc. rule set (knowing that it   doesn’t actually exist). 1 Point 0
28 For that reason you have   developed your own house rules for certain periods. And think them far   superior to the original author’s efforts. 1 Point 0
29 You have returned from a   wargames show and sneaked upstairs to hide the stash. 1 Point 1
30 You have an irrational aversion   to some genres and vow never to play them regardless of how much fun they   look. Like Dystopian Wars, 6mm Napoleonics, Warhammer 40k, Malifaux etc. 1 Point 1 I don’t see the renaissance   period as fun!
31 You have made your own wargames   scenery. 1 Point 1
32 You have reached a painting   ‘wall’ (“If I have to paint another f________ Gaul, I’m going to   scream”) 1 Point 0 Getting close.  Tired of painting tank tracks and I have a   lot to go.
33 You have lost – and regained –   your wargaming mojo. 1 Point 1
34 You have the occasional (and   short lived) sense of guilt with your wife/children when complaining to them   about the money spent in clothes, shoes or toys/Xbox games when you have £200   of unpainted metal stuffed in an upstairs drawer. 1 Point 1 Why do the kids need new shoes?
35 You have done armies in   different scales for the same period (e.g. ACW in 28mm, 15mm and 6mm). 1 Point 1 I have done it… WW2 15mm and   28mm
36 You have jealously coveted   someone else’s troops 1 Point 1 There is some beautiful work out   there
37 You have laughed (secretly or   otherwise) as someone else’s paint job (Marks’ purple camels come to mind) 1 Point 1 and at my own!
38 You have provided a piece of   useless trivia relating to the troops on the table to show off your wargaming   knowledge. 1 Point 1
39 You have contradicted someone   else’s’ trivia – demonstrating your superior knowledge and giving you a warm   glow inside. 1 Point 1
40 You have caused a major disaster   on a wargames table (spilling a pint, collapsing the table, dropped someone   else’s figures on the floor). 1 Point 0 Not yet
41 You have cheered or done the   victory dance when an opponent’s dice lets them down at a critical point 1 Point 0 I have seen it done
42 You have lied to your partner   about going gaming. “Mothers’ not very well – just popping around to see   her. I’ll be back in about – oh – seven hours”. 1 Point 0
43 You have lied to an attractive   woman (man) about your hobby. 1 Point 1 I am making dioramas for my   kids!
44 You have made an opponent cry.   It doesn’t count if they are under 8 years old though. 1 Point 0
45 You have painted the same army   in the same scale more than once 1 Point 1 German Grenadiers
46 You have reference books on   armies you haven’t even got 1 Point 0
47 You have bought figures for a   period you have never and will never play – because they were cheap. 1 Point 1 15mm ancients
48 You have inflicted grievous   bodily harm on a dice that has let you down. 1 Point 0 does mental trauma count?
49 You blog or have a web-page   about your Wargaming activities 1 Point 1 Yeah I know everyone cares!
50 Your book collection is almost   all war and wargames related 1 Point 1
51 You critique ‘war’ movies   (especially Hollywood war movies) for historical accuracy (like the use of   American tanks – Pershings I think – to represent German Panzers in the   ‘Battle of the Bulge’.) 1 Point 1
52 You spend car / train journeys   checking out the lie of the land – considering which way you would attack   from and whether it would make good wargaming terrain. 1 Point 1
53 You have over a hundred posts on   multiple wargaming forums 1 Point 1  I am a forumholic
(67 Total)
Total 41
Wargamer Score 61%

Posted November 5, 2012 by shermon15 in Gaming Fun

4 responses to “Are You A Proper Wargamer?

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  1. Only 61%!!! seems I have flunked the test

  2. Hi Shermon,

    I used your answers to Phil Broeder’s list for a wider analysis of the questions. You might be interested in the results. You didn’t score as badly as you think on the first 20 questions at least. See here:


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