Bastogne Roadblock (How would you do it?)   1 comment

Its had been a few months since I have had a game of Flames of War.  I set up a board to represent the road network that German forces would have taken during the Battle of the Bulge.  This battle would have a Combat Engineer Company defend against a Kampfgroup Peiper Panzer Company.  My son and I discussed for awhile how we would have the Germans advance in this battle.  It looked like a challenge given the very difficult going terrain and mud pretty much every where else except the roads.  I am going to test a new idea with this post.  I would like to know what would you do in this battle?  The objective is the bridge on the far left of the map. Due to the board being 9ft by 6ft I would say the Germans need about 8 to 9 turns to get there.  6 turns would be really pushing it.  What do you think?  The mission would be No Retreat.  I tend to be historical so the TD platoon, artillery, and recon are in reserve.

US List

German List

The table is approximately 9ft by 6ft

Terrain is defined as the following.  Obviously roads are roads and houses are houses so they are not labeled.

The unit set up is as follows.  Would you change the set up?

Should the Germans push through the road and hope not to trigger any mines?

Should the Germans go left through the forest and across the muddy fields?

Should the Germans go right through the vast forest on the right.

Some additional photos of the battlefield

Pumas and Mortar on the far left road

Panthers including CO and XO on middle road

Panzer IV Js and SS Panzergrendiers on the right

US Roadblock force #1

US Roadblock force on bottom and US Combat Engineer Platoon in center in buildings.

The bridge with the second platoon of combat engineers.


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