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Yesterday I evaluated the possible routes for the Germans to successfully take the bridge in a scenario set during the Battle of the Bulge

ArbatheHutt suggested on the WWPD Forum he would consider the strategy taking the Germans up the main road.  Given the time constraints I thought that would be the best option too.

The center Option

Predeployment:  Pumas make a recon move and the Panzer Grenadiers and Panzer IV Js are allowed to make a spearhead move.

First turn Germans make some significant advances.  They are not too worried about artillery just yet

The Luftwaffe makes its characterisitc only show for the entire game.  Pins the Roadblock strongpoint.

Booby Traps!!!  they suck on armored vehicles.  I had never used them before.  I was able to get a couple hits, but they are too easy to save from.  Next time I will save them for the exposed infantry

The US got lucky and the Tank Destroyer section races onboard to take up positions.

A US 57mm AT gun made a shot that bailed one of the halfracks from the SS Panzer Grenadiers.

The Germans continue their advance and set up for an assault on turn 2.  The halftrack hit in turn one fails to unbail and is sent to the rear.  Two teams make their way forward on foot.

One track makes it over the minefield, but one hits a mine.  A hit from a mine causes an entire platoon to be pinned.  Panzergrenadiers in halftracks are considered tank teams, but because two of the teams are on foot the whole platoon is pinned and the assault is called off.

The US unleashes their tank destroyers on turn 2.  They kill two Panzer IV Js and bail one Puma.

The Germans are ruthless in revenge and annihilate the Tank Destroyer Platoon on Turn 3.  A panther gets one hit and the remaining two Panzer IVs kill three.  Not too bad for a Panzer IV!!

The Germans are not so lucky with the forest.  The forest is very difficult going.  Only tracked and halftracks can cross the forest.  However, they must perform a skill test.  The Panthers even get a reroll if they bog down due to having wide tracks.  However, this is the forest from hell.  Starting turn 2 at least 2 Panthers are bogged every turn.  Now here is a question… I use wide tracks immediately when a tank gets bogged.  Do I use it at the beginning of the turn when I try to unbog in addition to the regular attempt to unbog?

The Germand Panzer IVs and Panzergrenadiers keep moving

Turn 3 overview.  I swear I did an overview every turn, but I am missing 4 and 6.

  • Turn 4 the US player was able to kill one of the last two Panzer IV Js with a lucky bazooka.
  • German mortars were able to knock out the US roadblock platoon leader.
  • The Panzergrenadier attempted to assault the roadblock crew, but a M1917 .50cal took out two teams and helped pin the unit.  They fell back.
  • US artillery killed two Pumas, but missed three mortar halftracks.

Turn 5 the Panzergrenadiers got hit again while trying to remove the minefield by the same gun.  I guess they didnt learn their less.  Two more teams dead.  This fearless Panzer fails its sole survior test!

  • The Panthers finally start moving.  I cannot believe how difficult going through very difficult terrain could be!
  • The Germans decided they want to try and flank the US.  Going up the road would be madness.

Turn 6 had a couple shots, but it was mostly redeployment of forces

Turn 7 the Germans continue to push into the forest in an attempt to outflank the US and come up behind to capture the bridge.  The US player make adjustments to his lines in anticipation of the German moves.

Turn 8 the Panthers continue to get stuck.  One panther has been stuck since turn 2.  The price you pay with trained crews and very unlucky dice.  Only two Panthers are free.

The German Company Commander had been stuck for awhile.  Here he makes a push to rejoin the other Panthers.

Not so fast!!  A luck 57mm gun (ROF 3) shot at range bails the tank from a side shot.

The final  moves by the Germans sees a solo Panther break out of from the second forest and confront the US artillery.  He misses horribly!  Wish I had a photo.  It looked scary for the US.

While the artillery attempts to dig in, rescue is on its way.  The 2nd roadblock crew  makes a foray, passes a tank terror test, and kills the Panther harrasing the artillery.  The Panther had no backup as the others were bogged down.

Meanwhile the 1st roadblock crew bails a mortar halftrack and then assualts it for the free kill.

Game Over!

US losses:

  • 2 Engineer tems
  • 4 M10 tank destroyers

German Losses:

  • 4 Panzergrenadier Teams
  • 1 Panther
  • 1 81mm Halftrack
  • 2 Pumas
  • 4 Panzer IV Js

STILL STUCK!!!  The Panther was stuck since turn 2!  That must be one hellish forest.


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