December 2012 Paint Barn Recap   2 comments

I wasn’t completely inactive over the last couple months.  Here are a few photos of the miniatures I have completed during November and December.

Buildings (8)


I decided to knock out a pile of buildings that I was starting to accumulate.  I was able to complete all but two.  One was a casualty of my daughter’s dog and was chewed up a bit.  The other is a JR miniatures building for the vietnam.

First up are two building from Crescent Root‘s 15mm desert collection (series 1).  I bought them unpainted and painted both up.

Buildings (1)

The door can be removed.  Buildings (2) Buildings (3)

Here you see the smaller Crescent Root building compared to one of the new Battlefront desert buildings.

Buildings (4)

Below is a comparison of the Crescent Root buildings to both the old and new Battlefront/GF9 buildings.  The old BF/GF9 buildings weigh a ton compared to the new ones!


From the Crescent Root European collection (series 2)

Buildings (6) Buildings (7)

The Crescent Root building next to one of the new Battlefront clone buildings.
Buildings (9)

Crescent Root offers a new expanding series of terrain bases.  I think it really adds to any city battlefield.  They have released two more since I last looked and will be getting those!

Buildings (11)


Terrain base with a mix of buildings.  Photo is a little fuzzy.  I used my IPAD since my wife has the good camera!

Buildings (10)

JR miniature had a couple Italian village terrain pieces.  I only picked up this one and wish I had bought the other as they look great!

Buildings (12) Buildings (13)

JR Miniatures Monte Cassino ruins.  I have had this for 4 or 5 years and finally completed it.

Buildings (14) Buildings (15)

Battlefront released a new King Tiger without Zimmerit paste.

The nucleus of my Panther G company.  I have 5 more PSC panthers still in the box to join this group.

Panther (1) Panther (2)

I always try to mix compatible manufactures to give some diversity and spread the wealth.

panther Compare

Panzer IVJs for KG Peiper.

PanzerIVJ (1) PanzerIVJ (2)

A lone SU76m… this is actually my 5th one to complete the company.


Battlefront SU100 tank killers.  Hate these things in World of Tanks.  I originally bought Command Decision models, but they seemed to have the same length of barrel as the SU85.

SU100 (1)

Here is the comparison of the different models.  I know everyone has their own opinions and I will let you make it!


Recently, I started playing EVE Online again… you know the space sandbox MMO.  The good thing about that game is that it allows plenty of time to paint while mining.  Also since I am playing with the crew from the WWPD forums we all have similar habits.  Good crew to hang out with.

Volksgrenwinter (1)

The company is mostly made up with the new Battlefront miniature for the Volksgrenadiers.  However, there are a few older BF figure in particular the company commander and several Peter Pig figures.

Volksgrenwinter (2)

Company Command

Volksgrenwinter (3)

Sturm Platoon

Volksgrenwinter (4)


Schutzen Platoon.  Each platoon as an additional Panzerscreck team.

Volksgrenwinter (5)

I used baking soda for the snow and made sure to seal it after it had dried to prevent any accumulation of dirt in the porous surface.

Volksgrenwinter (6)

Next up is a second company of Volksgrenadiers, but they will be based without snow.  I also have some support weapons such as HMGs, mortars, and PaK50s.





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  1. I absolutely love the snow themed bases you have here. What did you use for the broken off trees and stumps though?

    • Thanks for the comments. I used actual twigs from a tree to represent the logs and tree stumps. Just snapped them to the appropriate length.

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