M106 or M125 Mortar Carrier for Flames of War Vietnam   Leave a comment

M113mortar (1)

I picked this box set up less than half price a month ago.

The box set gives options for both the M106 with the 4.2 inch mortar or the M125 with the 81mm mortar.


M113mortar (9)

The model is designed so that you can easily swap out mortars.  I elected to now add the crew to make swaps easier.

M113mortar (3) M113mortar (4) M113mortar (5)

The mortars are one piece and with a magnet on the bottom and one in the chassis, there are not too many moving parts to break

M113mortar (6)

Overall the model fits together pretty well.  There were a few gaps on the roof and on the back ramp.  The most annoying thing is the broken .50cal.  I tried to glue it but it would only stay in place unit the next impact.  I guess I could pin it, but I am too lazy today for that!

Assembly includes the tracks, roof, hatches, and ramp.  There are options for the skirts on the side, but most photos I found in Vietnam showed the vehicle without the skirts.  I would assume for maintenance reasons.

M113mortar (2)

The set gives the option to have the ramp down, back egress door open, or all closed.  To keep things simple and reduce breaking parts, I kept it closed.

Each tracks comes with two mortar crew and there is one stand for the observer.

M113mortar (10)

Previously, I had bought one M125 from Flashpoint miniatures just to see the quality of their vehicles.  Here you can see it next to the Battlefront version.  The Flashpoint track comes based.  A trait I personally do not care for.  The track is easier to put together with few pieces, but it does not come with the 4.2″ mortar option.  I also think the detail on the Battlefront track is better.  The crewman for the flashpoint miniature was pretty horribly casted, so I used a BF crew.  I was surprised, because most Flashpoint miniature figures look fine.

M113compare (2) M113compare (1)


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