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Infantry guns were developed in WW2 to take out enemy strong points.  The Germans paired the 15cm SIG 33 infantry gun to a Panzer 38(t) chassis to create the Grille H.  The platform could provide significant fire power against entrenched units whether they are in field works or in the center of a town or city.  The Grille K or sometimes known as the Ausf M was also built on the Panzer 38(t) chassis, but the engine was moved to the rear and the superstructure was decreased in size.  It still had the same gun!

Grille K (1)

The gun fired a 83.8 lb HE shell at a muzzle velocity of 787’/sec. to a range of 5,140 yards. (Inspirational photo below)


282 Grille Ks were produced compared to 90 Grille H.  I think I will stop at 4 Grille Ks and 2 Grille H.

Grille K (2)

In Flames of War we usually can only have two of these vehicles to support our troops.  Generally, only panzergrenadier units received this mobile version.  The grenadier or regular infantry divisions had the standard infantry gun that had to pulled by horse or truck.

Grille K (3)

In the recent Devil’s Charge Intelligence Handbook there is an option to have SIX Grille Ks.

Grille K (5) Grille K (4)

Both the Grille H and Grille K have the same stats in FOW.   I have read that the Germans did mix the Grille K and Grille H in the same units.

Grille K (8) Grille K (9) Grille K (10)

Sometimes, I am not too lazy and break out the weathering effects.  In the case of these vehicles I used a number of the AK Interactive line to get some cool effects like grime, rust, and mud.


Overall, I give the model a double thumbs up.   The vehicle is well done.  Minimal flash.  The only thing I dont like is I think the AA MG42 looks far too toy like and I think that is my fault because I did nothing to improve it and there might be too much paint on it.


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